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미래의 저널리스트를 위한 장학금
10/16/2019 13:15
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미래의 꿈이 저널리스트라면, 또는 지금 대학에서 학생기자로 활동하고 있다면 장학금을 신청해보세요. 아시안언론인협회(AAJA)에서 수여하는 장학금입니다. 마감은 11월 15일까지입니다. 

자세한 내용은 아래 글을 참고하세요.



2019 California Reporting Scholarship

The Asian American Journalists Assn. Los Angeles is pleased to announce the California Reporting Scholarships for college students and recent graduates. The scholarships will provide a financial award to support original reporting projects in the state. Each $1,000 scholarship can be used for travel, equipment, supplies and other costs. A professional journalist will be assigned to each recipient to mentor and guide the reporting and writing/production process.

The print, visual or multimedia reporting projects are expected to be completed within six months after receipt of award for publication on the AAJA-LA website or other outlets.
Members of any AAJA chapter who are undergraduate or graduate students or who graduated in the last six months are eligible to apply.
 Applications should include:
-- A description of your proposed project and why you think it’s important
-- A description of how you would like to use the funds
-- A resume
-- Two to three samples of completed journalistic work

Application deadline is Nov. 15, 2019. Winners will be notified by November 30.
Send applications to aajalalosangeles@gmail.com.

For more information, please contact Samantha Masunaga at Samantha.Masunaga@latimes.com or Teresa Watanabe at Teresa.Watanabe@latimes.com or 213-265-6813

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