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Garage door maintenance, 김진성부동산 949-293-8041
08/15/2018 09:27
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Garage door를 정기적으로 아래와 같이 관리해 주심으로 큰 문제와 비용을 절감하실 수 있습니다. 

Garage door maintenance is not on most people's regular to do list. But there are a few simple things you should do every year or so to keep the door rolling along trouble-free.

  1. Give all rollers, hinges, roller tracks, hinges, and latches a good squirt with a penetrating solvent like WD-40 or a citrus-based solvent. Lubricate the pulleys on extension-spring openers and the bearings on torsion-spring openers. Wipe a little oil on the torsion spring if it is rusty and binds up.

  2. Wipe everything clean, then apply a light oil, such as a 3-in-1 lubricant, to the same parts.

  3. If any rollers or hinges seem stuck, try to soak them in some kerosene. Use a small brush (an old toothbrush works great) to work the kerosene into the cracks. Remove any rust with steel wool. Wipe all parts clean, then apply lubricant.

  4. Garage door maintenance is often needed on the door opener. If your garage door opener is operated by a chain or drive screw, apply the same lubricant to the full length.

  5. Check any weatherstripping along the sides of the doors. Adjust if it is jamming against the sides, and replace if necessary.

  6. If your garage door is wood and it doesn't have bottom weatherstripping, make sure it has been sealed or painted. Touch up as needed, and consider adding weatherstripping.

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Garage door maintenance, 김진성부동산 949-293-8041