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Do any home warranties cover roofs? 김진성부동산 949-293-8041
02/23/2019 10:27
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Keep in mind, most warranties only offer limited roof leak coverage. ... If a roof requires a complete replacement, home warranties do not cover this cost. This may confuse some homeowners, since replacement is covered for other home systems such as a furnace or central air unit, but roofs are in a category all their own.

Roof leak coverage is not standard on all home warranties. It is most often offered as an add on option for standard or premium coverage. But even though this coverage is not always included, it's a good idea to add it, as it can save you hundreds, potentially thousands in roof repairs and damage to your home.

The average cost to repair a roof is $671, though some home owners pay as much as $2,000. ... With Choice Home Warrantyhome owners will simply pay for a home warranty service contract with optional roof leak coverage as well as a low $60 service call .

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Do any home warranties cover roofs? 김진성부동산 949-293-8041