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the one doesn't know a thing
06/30/2020 06:58
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There are lots of thing which I do not know. If I boast that I know everything in this world, I am advertising my mental status belongs to a lunatics sphere, in another word mentally ill or simply crazy person. Is someone out there to brag that he might be the one who knows every stuffs around him inside out in this universe. Perhaps not, except the president of Korea whoes name is 文在寅, John Bolton calls him a schizophrenics, however.

(Ref. Schizophrenia is a serious mental illness that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality, which causes significant distress for the individual, their family members, and friends, including South Korean people-Wikipedia

I don't believe a bit I know everything, to tell you the truth. There was one person whom I believed he might happened to possibly be, whoes name is 유동학, as an 인문명리학자 he predicted since this year is 庚子年(경자년) is so bad year in the 60갑자 circulation theory, there would be lots of turmoil and predicament, like floods and strange weather, earthquakes in the Nature, revolutions and the communist Nations' collapse here and there, with the exception of the conservative the radical 더불어文주당's victory over 미래통합당 in the congress of 2020년(庚子年) 4-15 eclection. 

What he said is prevailing actually in our eyes though, in which fact I am amazed myself with the Oriental philosphiclal Dialectics, 四柱八字 陰陽五行(사주팔자 음행오행) movement. What he didn't know however, the communism leaning the Moon's illegal constitutional power in the election process which resulted in the absolute dominance in the Congress in the end by his followers' computer twicking, whether proved or not.

What I am saying is, even a famous scholar like 유동학 in the Heavenly secrets could not predict correctly the outcome, how the hell do I tell people this is to be this, and that be that of 天機漏洩(천기누설), uh? These attitudes would be ridiculous behavior one can pretend to act out in public to say the least. How one of so-called the learned , including myself, can show off inappropriate behavior like one, which people in the open could argue, of course. Isn't this the country America free to speak out anyhow whatever they believe so as such, right?

Let's calm down a minute. I should not care for what others imagine who or whom they might be, that is not my business after all. We all lives the lives as we wish to as per our manner of wishful thinking..., no question about that. 

By the way, this stuff the COVID-19 has been ruining the economy of the whole world including America as you may know, in which situation I am emmensely envolved, I mean in the retirement investment.  Do I have to sell the stocks in my portpolio with chunks of loss which records 1/3 already at this stage, what do you suggest? You might not give me a definite solution anyhow, however, because I was the one who advised you what to do with for long time. It be a stupid question on my side in fact eventually. You could simply say... "toss the coin to see which side turns up". 

I may decide the outcome as to what the upside would happen to means. I am asking again which side is to sell, and which one is to stay on. What you do you say? All I can say is this. Keeping social distance does not produce things, in another word, GNP could not result in good showings and therefore in the stock market as well in the end. My final resolution is "when you do not know surely, you simply ride out the rough waves till it calms down till weather to shomewhat stay still in the future." Hopely sooner...That is the work of the Nature, right? Simply we do not know what we are doing, my friends.



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the one doesn't know a thing