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A Challenge at this Joint in Life
06/29/2020 06:52
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This morning I woke up, thinking in bed that I should not retreat from the aging not only phisycally but mentally as well. I know how, but became lazy persuing actively. It is the time I have to enforce them more vigorously somehow without any further daily skipping. 

There is saying that you do not use your body, your mustles will shabby away from youthfullness. In fact it has been appearing in all of my body, which I cannot miss the evidence of weakening. I guess the sign of the old age in progress. 

I defied the process of aging for sometime ago, but an accident in cutting a branch of apple tree in our front yard by slipping on the narrow edge of fence deviding my neighbor's yard in beween only to twist on my hip-joint. From then on I started limping toward a Chinese clinc to fix it with acupuncture treatment, and ended up curtailing hiking, and started walking around my village from time to time. Oh! I would like to picked up a new habit of bicycling around few miles a day to add lately.

That is the physical side of story, however, what about my mental standing? I have been deligent in using my brain by writing an articles or two a day at J-Blog as you know, and searching internets for the late news caught my attention. I got fed up these days with the same inactions through-out inside America and Out to Korean matters, as well Chinese stuffs. Sick of them in fact. 

What is the next then? I turned to my inner world to do something about myself, like improving my health, mustle-wise and spirit matters also. Thought and things around me needs my close attention with reasonable explanation to stay sharp in reasoning and awareness, which require lots of thinking. And now I have to write what I find and put down in letters in English instead of Korean. That is the new challenge I am talking about. my friends...




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A Challenge at this Joint in Life