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Trump is a positive thinker for sure
04/26/2019 07:10
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<The power of positive thinking> is the title of a book authored by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale, which was published in early 1960. I was introduced into this book by Ms. Agnes Davis Kim, who became an English teacher at the time of my freshman year in college. While in the class she suggested whoever comes and volunteers in her vegetable garden will be given the best seller at the time in U.S.

She lived at 홍제동 with a Korean gentleman, whom I have never met before and after, while studied under her guidance with the book as a text. I was told her husband Mr. Kim, a close relative of 고종황제, studied in America while young and married her who was a well-learned Quaker. She was the one who wrote a book named "I  Married a Korean"(나는 한국인의 아내) in English, which I have no chance to read. 

<참고: RARE COLLECTIBLE SIGNED VERY GOOD 1953 dust jacket hardcover (see our image), Ras Korea Reprint Series, Kyung-In Publishing Co., free tracking number, clean text, solid binding, NO remainders NOT ex-library, smoke free; slight gentle shelfwear / storage-wear; WE SHIP FAST. Carefully packed and quickly sent. 201609778mo SIGNED "Agnes Davis Kim" The story of an American woman who married her husband in Korea, after having met him at a theological college in the United States. She tells of the difficulties of culture and also the difficulties of dealing with the Japanese. - $58.95 from Amazon

When the first day we had gathered there and received the book of 1961 the 3rd edition in red paper cover, which she said carried home in person on the way back from the U.S. I cannot remember the name of her hometown exactly, but only in the middle of the America, probably Ohio somewhere. 

This book turned out to be a travel guide of my life, my wife as well positively ever since. I believe firmly the principle Dr. Peale preached at his church would be one of the golden rule for anyone who bewilders with no purpose, and at a loss in life about how to live meaningfully and preciously. 

Since so much so importance it weighs in the spiritual sphere, I carried the book with me in my immigration baggage to this new world, and even now besides me to California from New Jersey. Why is it so great? I even use the nick name of a writer, 禪涅槃 which means "a person awakened in spirit" in Buddhism.

It changed me completely from the negative person to the positive way toward whatever obstacles came up I challenged without hesitation. Haven't I come to this New World with a bag in hand and $1,300 in pocket after having abandoned a promising career ahead in Korean society, with no regret what so ever?

In fact, Rev. Peale got the idea from a word written in Philippians 4:13 New King James Version (NKJV) "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." <빌립보서 4:13 KRV 내게 능력 주시는 그리스도 안에서 모든 것을 할 수 있느니라>

I was not a Christian then, and on for while and off some time now, but I know the teaching worked for me as well wonderfully as the man of Donald Trump himself, who became a billionaire, and eventually the president of America along with the most influential leader of all. He has been a member of the Collegiate Church in Manhattan located between 28th and 5th Avenue, ever since his young age.

The same positive rule has applied to my wife's also since she read the book as per my suggestion in the early part of our settlement in this foreign land while were newcomers. She read even further more in spiritual and psychology afield. After this book, she ordered the booklets monthly published by the Church, and read them for few years. 

All in all, I find many writers at today's internet who see the world negatively beyond their reach, which cannot be corrected, only to leave them feel helpless and unease in mind. Why not see positively once for all? That attitude change will convert the Hell to the Heaven while alive, not after death. 

긴긴 하루에 또 읽고 읽고...어느듯 저녁의 해가 기울어 간다. 이 음악을 들으면서 흘러간 그 옛날을 회고한다.




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Trump is a positive thinker for sure