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My mind kept in safe always
04/24/2019 07:35
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People tends to foretell the future of the Korean Peninsular to develop in such a way surely as his imagination leads. No human being can tell that kind of things to come true in reality, as we all know, except maybe God himself.

Those loud speakers in the street maintain what he or she expounds now nothing but the sure thing. Is that all right for us to believe as per their table pounding? Of course not. The reason is the fact that they talk out of their presumption. I mean what they are saying is not proven according to the strict logical thinking process.

To some people it may sound pretty reasonable, for they the listeners themselves are bewildering in the foggy situation. That is what I hate most. As we all knows the blind leads the blind to no where, likewise Korean news organizations' great misleading information.

I would rather keep mouth shut until the international dusts settle down so as to see clearly what is what will be. All other so called fortune telling of Korean things, either in the North or the South, might end up as laughing matters. What we all experienced already with 김정은, 문재인 and/or with Trump was the matter of "to be or not to be".

How do you know this time around will differently come true so surely predicted that it will happen accordingly without doubt as you imagine, Uh?

And therefore I got to detach myself from the current unpredictable speculation for the peace of mind, because I could not control the uncertain situation a bit either in Korean Peninsular or the showmanship between China and the U.S.  I hope everyone who not involved in that power games do the same, even if those matters could be a interesting game to play for the sake of a passing time in leisure.

Besides I do not want my health to be placed in harm's way by blaming the president of Korea for his agenda of the leftist politics, whether materialized or not as he wishes, for it would be not my business at all as a citizen of America. As I have been pointing out many time, our body will suffer if mind is being occupied by negative feeling in daily life. That is the foremost concern in my life, which comes only once.  I want to keep it in safe mode always no matter what.



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My mind kept in safe always