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It's very hard to anew the old legacy
06/13/2018 11:58
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The first words Kim Jungeun uttered upon having met Trump at Singapore, saying this travel was difficult for me to take. It had a good deal of nuance interpreting the meaning of it.

It was for the first time for him to step in not only the limelight of the world but also the sphere of revelation outside his old paradigm formed in his secluded hermit kingdom.

It may not be certain how many people had weighed his the 2nd remark. He continued that his old way of thinking and habit had been shackling him to have come to this historic moment in time.

In Korean saying the Buddhist monk cannot shave his head by himself. Likewise the young supreme leader of the North Korea could not convert the communist regime to the capital country, even if he has known the Juche sasang(主體思想) would not help his people well fed and subsequently happy.

His father, notwithstanding his grand-father, had thought the Korea will be eventually united one day for them to wield the force of the nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles. And they did succeeded in having done so fruitfully that U.S. could not withstand anymore their threat, which eventually awakened the sleeping giant.

I have been telling people that they never change unless forced to see the imminent harsh reality closing in seemingly without exit in sight. That is the only time they come to know who they are, and what they were doing wrong, since the world wants us to adapt to the new situation wisely. Otherwise you will end up a loser after all unfortunately.


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It's very hard to anew the old legacy