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02/08/2011 22:10
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IP 99.xx.xx.2

개나리와 공작(Forsythia and peacock couple)

Water Color(22"-30") $500

 목련꽃 그늘(Magnolia flower shade) Water Color(22"-30") $500

 봄을 기다리며(Waiting for spring)Water Color(22"-30") $500

 애기 사슴을 피해서(Avoid baby deer)
Water Color(22"-30") $500

 야생 칠면조와 여우(Wild turkeys and foxes)
Water Color(22"-30") $500

 기아나 헨  병아라(Guiana Hen and Chicks)
Water Color(22"-30") $400

 강변의  칠면조(Riverside wild turkey)
Water Color(22"-30")$400)

Water Color(22"-30") Sold

 수선화 사랑(Daffodil love)
Water Color(22"-30") $400

호수의 아침 물안개(Morning water fog in the lake) 수채(30"/22") $500

호수의 아침  (Spring Morning Outing Canadian goose family) 수채(30"/22") $500

봄나들이  (Spring Morning Outing Canadian goose family) 수채(30"/22") $500

목련꽃 그늘아래(Magnolia flower under the shade) 수채(30"/22) $500

개나리와 공작,목련꽃 그늘
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