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눈이 시원해지고 마음이 맑아지는 사진입니다. 자랑스러운 우리 민족 "얼씨구"
07/29/2019 18:30
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한인들만의 운동으로 그쳐서는 안됩니다. 세계의 지성인들에게 호소하기 위해 없는 실력이지만 영문으로 작성해 보았습니다. <시애틀 늘푸른 연대>의 멋진 행동에 감동을 받았습니다.

Abe's imperialism conservative party in Japan attacked Korea again by means of export-restriction to South Korea, including key elements for silicon chip production used by all over the world.

They never apologized sincerely for the brutal and non-humanistic crimes in World War II. They are reviving the old idea and try to harm other countries to be a ruler in the region and the world.
We all, including democratic Japanese people, must stop this wrong ambition, so <No Japan> movement has been started.
One of "Evergreen Seattle" member, climbed the most beautiful place Tolmie Peak and displayed "No Japan" banner on July 28, 2019.

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눈이 시원해지고 마음이 맑아지는 사진입니다. 자랑스러운 우리 민족 "얼씨구"