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시니어들을 위한 프로 그램 (마운틴 하이)
11/05/2018 17:45
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It's never too late to have more fun

시니어를 위한 스키 스노우 보드 프로그램을 소개 합니다 

It’s all about fun!!

This program is designed for skiers and snowboarders ages 50 and older of any skill level from beginner to advanced.   It was created for those interested in the new movement patterns associated with shaped skis and/or improving their skiing/ snowboard techniques.  It's never too late to have more fun.  Visit our STARS blogOpens new window for more information on this exciting program.

$25 - 2 1/2 Hour Clinic

Clinics are conducted by Senior Certified Instructors. Participants will leave with new skills, new acquaintances, new confidence, and a new appreciation of Mountain High. 

Classes Meet Every Wednesday January Through March.

Big Pines Lodge @ West Resort -Check In8:15am - 9:00am
Indoor Clinic9:00am-9:30am
On Mountain Training9:30am - 12:00pm
Lift Ticket$10 - Over 70 “Free”
Rentals (New Shaped Skis)$15
*Minimum 3 students for a class. 

 2시간 30분의 강습 25불 스키 렌탈 15불 

  70세이상은 10불 이라고 합니다 
  스키를 안타셔도 한번 가보실죠 눈을 보면 좋아 지는 것입니다 
  로스엔젤스 한인 타운에서 1시간 운전 거리 입니다 

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시니어들을 위한 프로 그램 (마운틴 하이)