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요즈음 튜나와 오징어로 맛있는 식탁을 .................
07/23/2015 23:29
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 요즈음 튜나와 오징어로 맛있는 식단을 하고 있습니다 

시간 여유 가지시고 아래로 연락 하시면 많은 생선을 잡으실수가 있어요 

롱비치나 뉴포트 비치에서 배가 나가고 있습니다 

밤에 나가는 배가 아침에 나가는 배등등 너무 재미 있어요 

 98 Tuna On Patriot Limited Load Extended ¾ Day Today Weds July 22 Along With 3 Dorado! Wide Open Action Used All The Bait. Western Pride Limited Load Monday July 27 5:30 -5:30. Patriot Extended Limited Load Tuna Trips Monday-Friday (July 27-31).

Hi Everyone


Captain John on the Patriot on limited load extended ¾ day trip today had amazing tuna fishing with 98 tuna (75 yellowfin tuna & 23 bluefin tuna to 40+ pounds). They also have 3 big dorado to 30 pounds. Had over 140 fish hooked and non-stop action used all the bait up. Outstanding!


The Patriot has open limited load extended ¾ day trips Monday July 27-Friday July 31. Limited to 38 anglers and price is $105 departs at 6 am returns at 6 pm. Monday's trip has about 12 spots open and other days have from 15-22 spots open at this time.


The Western Pride has a limited load 5:30-5:30 extended ¾ day trip for Monday July 27. Limited to 45 anglers and price is $105. Still 22 spots open . I attached picture of the 80lb bluefin tuna they had on Monday's extended ¾ day trip.


Also sand bass are biting on twilight with last night's trip out of Davey's Locker catching 60+ legal 14 inch and larger sand bass and over 240 just under legal sand bass released for 22 anglers. Should be good fishing on twilight trips departing nightly. For email club members and guests go for $25 from now through July 31. Just print out email and bring in night of trip. Friday and Saturday night's twilight trips depart at 8 pm return at 1 am. Otherwise twilight trips depart at 7 pm nightly .



Lia :)



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요즈음 튜나와 오징어로 맛있는 식탁을 .................