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The Pyongyang Un Open Golf Tournament - Shanghai Departure

3 full days in DPRK

The Pyongyang Un Open Golf Tournament - Shanghai Departure

Pyongyang → Pyongyang Golf Course → Nampho


You can bet that FedEx won’t ship your clubs to this course! Take on your buddies and other die hard adventure golfers over 2 full rounds of exhilarating tournament play at the world’s most exotic 18-hole golf course. You too can challenge Kim Jong Il’s incredible course record of 38 under par! Prizes include the red champions’ jacket (unlike Augusta, we let you keep yours), a Callaway driver and theultimate bragging rights. Register now for this Un-believable Pyongyang Open Golf Tournament.

You can bring your clubs via Air Koryo or there are Lancefield rentals available at the golf course. Tour price includes all green fees, caddy and cart fees and rentals. Also included are airfare from Shanghai and DPRK visa fees.


Meet at Terminal 1, Air Koryo Counter L at 10pm on the evening of the flight. DPRK visas will be handed out at this time. Flight time to Pyongyang is at 0030, arrival at 0350. Our local tour guides will greet you at the airport. Check into the Koryo Hotel in city center for breakfast and rest.

Pyongyang spring colors

Day 1: Pyongyang City Tour

Leave the hotel at 10:30am for sightseeing. Visit the Mansudae Grand Monument. This important site is famous for its large, bronze statutes of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.
Walk in the Kim Il Sung Square, the 3rd largest public square in the world and home to many of the North Korean military parades broadcasted internationally during large holiday events. Stop in at the Foreign Languages Bookshop to pick up your favorite DPRK trinkets and publications. See a panorama view of the entire city from the top of the Juche Tower (optional 5 euros to take the lift).

Get a dose of history (from a different perspective) at the newly renovated Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and the USS Pueblo in its new spot (the “American Spy Ship” captured in 1968). Catch the Pyongyang Metro during rush hour to get a glimpse of daily life in Pyongyang. We get on at Puhung Station and off at Kaeson Station. We’ll stop for some pictures at the Arch of Triumph. Stop in at the Pyongyang Stamp Shop (here’s where you can send postcards to all of your jealous friends).

Enjoy Korean hotpot for dinner and taste craft beer at the Taedonggang Microbrewery No. 3.

Day 2: 18-holes at the Pyongyang Golf Course

Pyongyang Golf CourseToday, we’ll drive west about an hour to the Pyongyang Golf Course. This course is nestled within the Taesong Lake in Ryonggang County. It’s is an 18-hole golf course that spans 45 hectres (111 acres). The Pyongyang Golf Course was completed in 1988. Once we’re familiar with the course, we’ll tee off on our own private course! Stop for a Korean lunch at the club house. Taedonggang beer will be available for purchase throughout the round. Korean caddies who live and breath this course will be at your service to ensure that you play your very best.

After golf, drive to the Three Mausoleums in Kangso to see the historic and original Koguryo tombs, a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. The tombs showcase original murals from the 7th Century of the four guardian deities. Then visit theWest Sea Barrage, a collection of 8km long dams that help regulate the West Sea water from the Taedong River. Enjoy dinner at the famousHaedanghwa Restaurant, considered one of the best restaurants in the capital city (this meal is not included and guests can order from the menu).

Pyongyang Golf Course

Day 3: The Pyongyang Un Open Golf Tournament

Head out bright and early to begin your second 18-hole round at thePyongyang Golf Course. Enjoy an awards ceremony and reception afterwards.

Return to Pyongyang to visit theMansudae Art Studio where you can pick up DPRK produced art (pieces range from $50 to $50,000 USD). DHL will ship from here. Then test your skills at the Meari Shooting Range! We’ll have Korean BBQ at the Arirang Restaurant for dinner (this meal is not included and guests can order from the menu?thehot stone bibimbap and makgeoli drink are excellent here).


The itinerary is subject to change at any time.


  • DPRK visa fees and handling
  • Round trip ticket from Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo
  • 3 nights’ DPRK hotel accommodations (double occupancy)
  • 3 meals per day (except dinner on Day 2 and 3)
  • Coach transportation in DPRK
  • Two local DPRK guides
  • One local driver
  • Admission fees (except those listed below)
  • Green fees included
  • Local caddy service
  • 4-seater golf carts
  • Limited amount of rental Lancefield clubs provided upon request, or bring your own

Not included

  • Private sedan transportation from Beijing International Airport to hotel (approximately $75)
  • Round-trip airfare to Beijing from home country
  • Chinese visa fees and processing, if applicable
  • Travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance (required)
  • Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.)
  • Souvenirs
  • Extra drinks during meals (one complimentary beer included)
  • Tips for guides and drivers (please budget $10 per day per traveler)

Special Entrance Fees for Optional Events

(Some entrance fees are priced in Euros. We strongly recommend to bring exact change in Euros to pay at the door; USD is accepted, but may be subject to an unfavorable exchange rate)

  • Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum & Pueblo: 10 Euros (new entrance fee due to re-opening and renovation of museum)
  • Extra a la carte items incurred during meals (i.e., Kaesong chicken soup, wine at the pizza/pasta restaurant, specialty restaurants such as the Okryu cold noodle restaurant, all roughly $5-10)
  • Amusement park entrance and rides, approximately 1-3 Euros each, elevator to the top of the Juche Tower, 5 euros)
  • Beer at microbreweries ($1-3 per draft)

For more information on the booking process, see How to Travel To North Korea 
See here for more information on Terms and Conditions.

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