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03/21/2020 14:06
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9 Steps to Build a DIY Off-Grid Solar PV System


*THUNDERBOLT 12 Volt, 35 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery :

Designed for constant voltage input and repeating use, this universal battery is ideal for a variety of energy needs. Suitable for use as a solar storage bank, the battery is also great for powering lights, equipment, tools, accessories and electronics. This UL listed battery features a top post design with stainless steel hardware to resist rust and corrosion.


Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) for longer battery life, low self-discharge rate, better low-voltage charging and capable of repeat deep cycle discharge

No memory effect

Valve regulated, spill-proof sealed construction

Top post design with stainless steel hardware to resist corrosion

Sealed lead acid


*100 Watt Solar Charge Regulator

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*YINGHAO Upgraded Solar LED Lighting System & Phone Charger with 2 Imported LED Lights, 6W Solar Panel, 3.7 V / 8000 mah Lithium Battery, Charge Controller, USB Port with Cell Phone Chargers Included

by YINGHAO / $59.99



*GVSHINE [30W Panel Foldable] Solar Panel Lighting Kit, Solar Home DC System Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Power Outage with 4 USB Solar Charger LED Light Bulb and 5 Cellphone Charger/5V 2A Output / $157.99



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DIY 태양열 전기 발전기 만들기