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01/21/2016 20:34
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LADWP 에서 또 물값을 올릴려고 합니다.
편지를 간단히 써서 엘에이 시청에 보내십시오.


City Clerk
200 N. Spring Street, Room 395
Los Angeles, CA 90012

참고용 간단한 편지 샘플 입니다:

   We strongly protest to  the new "LADWP Water Rate Ordinance"

    Why we oppose the five-year rate increase:
  • According to the LADWP's own benchmarking study and a review by the ratepayer advocate and an independent study, LADWP salaries and benefits are higher than comparable utilities, higher than comparable jobs for L.A. City, and higher than comparable jobs across the nation, yet nothing is being done about it except calls for more studies-while LADWP plans a "cost-of-living" raise in 2016.
  • The new water rate ordinance lifts the cap that limits the extra charges for "adjustment factors," it will be increased over and over without limit.

My name is:  ____________________________________

My property address: _________________________________________________________



아래 첨부파일도  있습니다. 2월 17일 아침까지 이 편지가 도착을 해야합니다.

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