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take up (something) & free up (something)
11/07/2019 20:52
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take up (something):                                        (ð) ɸ () ϴ

free up (something):                                          ؼϴ. Ȯϴ.


(Two friends are talking on the telephone)                                (ģ ȭ ȭ Ѵ١)


Dick: Where have you been? I've been trying to get in touch with you all week.

 : ־? ̹ ϰ Ϸ 󸶳 ֽµ.


Al: I've been on the road all week.                                              : ƴٳ.

Dick: I have a problem and I need to talk to you today.                  : ܼ ϰ ̾߱⸦ ؾ .

Al: Can we talk on Monday?                                                     : Ͽ ϸ ?

Dick: It can't wait. Can't you free up some time today?            : ٷ. ð ?

Al: I don't think so. The boss will take up the entire day.      : ׷ . Űŵ.


Dick: How about a drink after work?                                 : ?

Al: Okay but if will have to be a quick one.                                                 : . ѵ ݹ .

Dick: No problem. How about six oclock?                                   : ׷. 6 ?

Al: Thats good. Meet you at the usual place.                                 : . .


***Ҹ ǥ***


*get in touch with (someone):                                                 () ְ ޴.

I got in touch with her yesterday.                                          ( ׳ ȭ߾.)


*on the road:                                                                 ϴ. ٴϴ.

I will be on the road most of next month.               ( ޿ κ ž.)


*free up (something):                                                              ؼϴ. Ȯϴ.

Working at home will free up more time to spend with my family. ( ٹ ϸ ð Ȯ ž.)



on second thought;                                              ٽ



(Janet and Don are in the student lounge at school)  (ְ б л ްԽǿ)


Janet: Do you like chocolate?                                         : ݸ ?

Don: I can take or leave it. Why?                                : ־ ׸ ׸̾. ?

Janet: I got some incredible chocolate for my birthday and I was wondering if you would like some.

: Ͽ ݸ ޾Ҵµ ʵ ϳ ;.


Don: On second thought I love chocolate.              : ٽ ݸ ϳ.

Janet: What made you change your mind?                              : ٲ?

Don: I believe it was the word "incredible" that did it.                     : ' '̶ ܾ ̰.

Janet: You are so easy.                                                                : ͵ .

Don: I have been accused of that.                                            : ׷ Ҹ .

Janet: Here take one.                                                                : ϳ ޾.

Don: That is sensational! Can I please have another one?         : ش! ϳ ָ ȵɱ?


***Ҹ ǥ***


I know you like sports, but I can take them or leave them. (װ ϴ ƴµ ־ ׸ ׸̾.)


*change (ones) mind:                                           ٲٴ.

I have changed my mind about taking a vacation.       (ް ٲ.)


*(one) is so easy:                                                  Ͱ . ٷ .

Shell be able to change his mind because hes so easy.   (״ Ͱ ٲ ž.)






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take up (something) & free up (something)