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Los Angeles 철도 노선
01/27/2020 20:28
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@L.A에 살면서 지하철이 어떻게 운행되고 있는지도 모르며 살아왔는데 필요한게 있어서 찿아보게 되었는데 대중교통을 이용한다는게 너무 불편 할 정도로 노선간의 연결이 원할해 보이지 않는다.

Metro A Line (Blue) provides rail service between Downtown Los Angeles (7th St/Metro Center station) and Downtown Long Beach.  Possible destinations include: Staples Center and LA Convention Center @ Pico, Watts Towers @ 103rd Station, Queen Mary and the Aquarium of the Pacific @ 5th Street Station.

Metro  B Line (Red) runs between Downtown Los Angeles and North Hollywood.  Landmark stops include: Grand Park, the Music Center, Grand Central Market, LA Convention Center, Staples Center, MacArthur Park,  the Pantages Theater, the Walk of Fame and Universal Studios.

Metro  C Line (Green) runs between Redondo Beach and Norwalk in the median of the 105 freeway. It is the third line in the Metro rail system to open after the Blue and Red Lines.  A free shuttle bus to LAX is available @ Aviation.

Metro  D Line (formerly the Purple Line)is a 6.4-mile (10.3 km) line[2] that begins at Union Station. At Union Station, passengers can connect to the Metro Silver Line bus rapid transit line, and the Metro Gold Line. The Purple Line travels southwest through Downtown Los Angeles, passing the Civic Center, Pershing Square (near the Historic Core) and the Fashion District.

The Antelope Valley Line is a commuter rail line that serves the Northern Los Angeles County area as part of the Metrolink system. The line is rural in character because it travels through the sparsely populated Soledad Canyon between Santa Clarita and Palmdale, serving the small community of Acton along the way. Other portions of its route parallel the former US Route 6, now San Fernando Road and Sierra Highway.

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