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Bison(바이슨)과 Buffalo(버훨로)는 어떻게 다른가?
06/01/2019 07:05
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Bison(바이슨) Buffalo(버훨로)는 어떻게 다른가?


~ 이상봉 / 철학박사



Bison; a humpbacked shaggy-haired wild ox native

to North America and Europe.


바이슨(Bison)은 미 대륙과 유럽을 원산지로 하고 있는 들소다.

그 반면에, 버훨로(Buffalo)는 아프리카와 아시아에 살고있는 들소다.


그리하여, Bison Buffalo는 서로 다른 짐승이다.

, 원산지와 소의 생김새와 털의 모양,

그리고 뿔과 수염이 서로 서로 다르다.

특히, 북미산 Bison beard (수염)을 가지고 있다.

[원산지(home), (hump), (horn), (hair)이 전혀 다르다.]



미국에 살고 있는 들소는 Bison(바이슨)이며, Buffalo가 아니다.

그리고, Bison 이라는 단어는 단수와 복수가 같다.


참고로... 약간의 설명을 좀더 덧붙이면...


미국에서 사용되는 Buffalo’ 라는 단어는,

들소를 일컫는 단어로 쓰이기 보다는...

요리의 이름- Buffalo wing 이라는 닭날개 요리-에 주로 쓰이고 있다.


이 닭날개 (chicken wing) 요리는 New York ()에 있는 도시

Buffalo City 에서 나온 것이라서,

Buffalo wing 이라고 부르는 것일 뿐이다.

( ‘Buffalo 市에서 나온 닭날개 요리 라는 의미다.)


그 외에,

Buffalo Wild Wings 이라는 이름을 가진 음식점(Restaurant)

미국 전역에 있는데,

이것은 Ohio ()에 있는 Columbus City 에서 시작된 것으로...

이 음식점의 상표에, 엄연히 Bison의 그림이 들어가 있지만,

음식점의 이름이 Buffalo 라고 되어 있어서...

Bison‘Buffalo 처럼보여지고 있을 뿐이다.





(생물학적인 차이점)





It's so common, in fact, that we sometimes use the two interchangeably.


But if you really want to know

The difference between a buffalo and a bison,

The American Bison is native to North and South America and Europe,

While the other two buffalo species reside in Africa and Asia.


It’s easy to understand why people confuse bison and buffalo.

Both are large, horned, oxlike animals of the Bovidae family.

There are two kinds of bison;

The American bison and the European bison,

And two forms of buffalo; water buffalo and Cape buffalo.


However, it’s not difficult to distinguish between them,

Especially if you focus on the three H’s: home, hump, and horns.


Bison and buffalo share the same family,

But there are over 38 types of buffalo

And, unlike bison, many of them have been domesticated.

A few more fun facts;

North American bison have a beard,

While their Asian relatives don’t

And American Bison can live in really cold places, like Wyoming!

Today, buffalo are thriving due to smart management

And breeding efforts and restoration of their native grazing land.


What is the plural form of bison?


Bison is "bison" whether singular or plural.

Moose is "moose" whether singular or plural.

Elk is "elk" whether singular or plural.



(영어와 영문법에 관심이 있는 사람들을 위하여...)



"Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo

Buffalo buffalo" is a sentence that uses correct grammar.


[It is often used as an example of how homonyms and homophones

can be used to create confusing, hard-to-understand sentences.]


The sentence does not have punctuation.

It uses three different meanings of the word "buffalo".


[They are:

Noun adjunct (a noun used as an adjective): the city of Buffalo, New York.

Noun: the animal called buffalo in the plural form.

(They are also known as bison.)

Verb: the word "buffalo", which means to confuse

or intimidate (to scare somebody).]



It means,

"Bison from Buffalo, which other bison from Buffalo confuse,

confuse the bison from Buffalo."


[The first two words,

"Buffalo buffalo," mean bison from Buffalo in the same way

that "Florida man" means a man from Florida.


 The next three words,

"Buffalo buffalo buffalo," mean

"which other bison from buffalo confuse."


We don't need the word which in the original sentence,

just like how "a man which the woman loved" means

the same thing as "a man the woman loved."


The last three words,

"buffalo Buffalo buffalo," mean "confuse the bison from Buffalo."




Other words can be used to make sentences like this one.

These include police, fish, and people.


For examples;


Who polices? The police police.

Then, who polices the police?

"The police police police police".

So, who polices the police police?

"Police police police police police police."



"Fish fish fish eat eat eat."

[Fish eat = like as, Fish (that people eat) eat,

Fish (that fish eat) eat...

The fish (that you bought yesterday) stink.

[not stinks but stink because the plural form of fish is fish.]


Other times, similar words that are differently can be used:

"Foul fowl foul fowl foul foul foul fowl.”


Fowl refers to birds, especially chickens and game birds.

It has no non-bird-related definitions.

Foul has many definitions, including

(1) offensive to the senses, (2) morally detestable,

(3) a violation of rules of play, (4) to make dirty,

and (5) to commit a violation against rules of play.



~ Sang Bong Lee, Ph. D.

Dr. Lee’s Closing Arguments,
Dr. Lee’s Lessons: Discovering Your Nature,
Dr. Lee’s Iconoclasm.
* All rights reserved and copyrighted. (
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Bison(바이슨)과 Buffalo(버훨로)는 어떻게 다른가?