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Ű Tea 12 (JUN.2019)
06/27/2019 08:45
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25 Tea Bag


Jeju organic tangerine peel Tea

ѱ Ѷ ,ֵ ÿ ٶ, ޻ ԰ ڶ ϳϳ ܳ ڿ Ų Ǹ ȴ길 νϿ ŭϸ鼭 Դϴ.

Ǵ Ư ŸC dzϸ, , ̾Ʈ.Ǻι̿,ȭ ȯ ݴϴ.

Tangerine Peel tea includes tangerine peels that were peeled by hand, naturally dried, and roasted with our own organic methods. It has a fresh and light sweet scent. The tangerine peel tea is rich in vitamin C that is effective in fatigue recovery, skin care, and prevention of influenza. It also acts as an anti-obesity effect and adult disease prevention.



25Tea Bag


Sword Bean & Solomons Seal Tea


۵ 90% (ѱ)+ձ 10%(ѱ)


۵ῡ dzϰ Ǿ ִ Ƽ ϴ ȿ

췹 ϴµ ־ ٰ մϴ.

ŸC, ŸE Ÿ е鵵 ־ 鿪°ȭ ˴ϴ.

ܿ , ǰ ȯ , , 񰳼, ,

Sword beans, especially their bean coats, are good sources of antioxidant phenolics and may have potential health benefits.

Preventing pneumonia, strengthening the immune system,

reducing diabetes risk and relieving hay fever.



Burdock Tea

Į ǰ ȴ길 ð µ νϿ ε巴 ִ ǰԴϴ.

Ȱ 񿡵 濡 ݴϴ. Į dzϿ ٰ  忡 ָ, ްϰ ϴµ ְ, 鿪 ġ 濡 ˴ϴ.

The burdock, one of the healthy Alkaline foods, is processed using our company-specific method of roasting under the proper time and temperature, making it have a smoother and nuttier taste. This tea is helpful in cleansing the blood and in preventing osteoporosis. It is helpful for those suffering from constipation. It is also helpful for skin care and for strengthening the immune system.




Jerusalem Artichoke Tea

ø ü Դ ͺ ϸ鼭 ȭ ߵ ִٴ ۿ ذѴ.

ȿ ϳ ̴ , ȴ. ȿ ° ̴. ׻ȭ ۿ Ǻ ȭ մϴ.

- , 񰳼

Jerusalem Artichoke Tea helps lower your risk for high cholesterol, constipation, heart disease and certain types of cancer. It may also make it easier to control your blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy weight



25 Tea Bag

The light herb Tea

ٹϰų ַ ڿ ɾִ ǽ ٹڿ Ǵ TeaԴϴ.

ϰ ִ , , ͵ Դϴ.

This tea contains various plants including organic tangerine peels which have an

abundant amount of vitamin C, Angelica root contains body-warming ingredients.

Cinnamon has a strong aromatic fragrance that prevents the formation of germs and bacteria. This is formulated to make your body feel lighter and refresher.


(10 Tea bags)

The day Herb Tea


ı Ǵ teaԴϴ.

-, Ŀ, 󺥴, ȸ, ͸

This tea contains various kinds of herb known for their benifits for women.

-Tangerine peel, Hibiscus, Lavender, Fennel seed, Motherwort





25 Tea Bag


Perilla Frutescens Tea

(Purple Perilla leaves)

ѱ û Ӹ ƴ϶ , µ, п ΰ ϱ , äñ , Ưϰ ڼҿ , ǰԴϴ.

ڼҿ õ ŭϰ dz̸ , Ư ױۿ پ κ ְ,dz ˷ Ǻȯ ַ ߴ Դϴ. Ҿ, , Ҹ, ׻ȭ ȭ ˴ϴ.

Perilla frutescens tea has a clean, natural violet color with a fresh savory taste and helps by having an antibacterial effect, and especially helps eliminate inflammation.

Perilla frutescens leaf helps with digestion and detoxification of our body.

It also helps relieve anxiety , depression and has anti-aging antioxidants.



(20 Tea Bag)

Schisandra Tea

Five-flavor berry


ѱ û GAP ڸ Ͽ Ϲ ޸ , ũ ڸ , , ʰ, § ִ Ͽ ǰԴϴ. ڴ ð, , ް, ʰ ,§ ټ ߾ , Ư Ư Ƿȸ 索 , ؼ, , Ҹ ݴϴ.

Schisandra has elements that give energy and has five different tastes: sour, bitter, sweet, spicy, and salty. Its particular sour taste helps liven up the body and mood. This tea is helpful for anti-aging and recovery from fatigue. It is also helpful for respiratory health. It helps relieve stress and prevent insomnia

ڼ, ׸

(12 Tea bags)

Perilla Frutescens, Eoseongcho,Green Tea

߸ Ǵ teaԴϴ.

Ǽ Ǻο ȣ ȯ ִ ȴ ﰢƼԴϴ.

-ڼҿ, ,

This tea helps prevent hair loss and helps those with atopy and respiratory disease. It is also helpful for skin care.

-Perilla Frutescens, Chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata), Green Tea

(10 Tea bags)


Cinnamon Tea

Ʈ ϰ ϰ ڸũ Ͽ ް ε巯 ǰԴϴ. κ ϰ شٰ ˷ Ǵ ߱, ε׽þ, Ʈ ̸, Ư ܸ ſ ϰ ־ Ŀ ŷ ַ ˴ϴ. ȭ, ׼ȯ.Ǻι̿, Գ. (,ߵ), ȭ. ݴϴ.

It is said that herbal cinammon warms the body and is made ??of cassia cinnamon bark, known as having China, Indonesia, and Vietnam origin. It has a unique flavor and has a spicy sweetness that can be used with various food. Because of this, cinammon is commonly used as a condiment. It helps with digestion, blood circulation, skin care, prevention of bad breath. It acts as an effect for helping antibiotic, acid indigestion, anti-aging.


15 Tea bags

Perilla Rose Tea

, õḦ teaԴϴ.

-ڼҿ, , ,Ŀ,,ü

Perilla, Rose and Hibiscus are perfect harmony for floral scent tea.

-Rose, Rose Hip, Hibiscus, Perilla, Cherry and Rose Spice


15 Tea bags

Apple Cinnamon Tea

޴ϸ鼭 Ƹٿ ÷ 췯 teaԴϴ.

-, , Ŀ,

This is a traditonal blending recipe of the best cinnamons from Vietnam and apples from Korea. This combination is always right.

-Cinnamon , Apple , Hibiscus , Apple Spices

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Ű Tea 12 (JUN.2019)