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Black Mountain #4 ( 6,149’ )
12/09/2019 16:01
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IP 172.xx.xx.228

Black Mountain #4 ( 6,149’ )


Location: San Bernardino County, about 11 miles northwest of Yucca Valley,

135 miles from Los Angeles


Date : Dec 08, 2019  08:43 ~ 11:52 ( 3h 09m )


Course : Trailhead ( 08:43 ) ~ Summit ( 10:16; 2.1 Miles; 6,149’ ) ~

Trailhead ( 11:52; 4.2 Miles; 1200’ Gain )


Wit : Sierra Club HPS 14 Members



  • Take I-10 east through Banning to SR 62.
  • Go north and east on SR 62 to Pioneertown Road in Yucca Valley. Turn left (north). This is about 19.5 miles from the intersection of SR 62 and I-10.
  • Go 7.4 miles to the intersection with Pipes Canyon Road and Rimrock Road. This is the turnoff for Chaparrosa Peak. Keep straight on Rimrock.
  • Continue north 1.4 miles to Burns Canyon Road. Turn left.
  • Go 0.9 mile through Rimrock to where the road turns to dirt.
  • Continue up Burns Canyon 4.5 miles to a fork. Turn right (north).
  • Drive north about 1/2 mile. There is a road junction here. 2WD vehicles park here.
  • 4WD vehicles can drive east up the road for about 0.4 mile. Do not drive farther or you will be in the wilderness area. Park here.


  • From the 2WD parking area hike up the road to the 4WD parking spot.
  • Continue up the road for another 1/4 mile.
  • Leave the road and hike up the slope to the bump that is southwest of bump 5990'. Be sure to note the terrain for your return. It is easy to miss your parking spot on your return trip.
  • Hike northeast to bump 5990'.
  • Hike east along the ridge to the bump that is directly east of bump 5990'.
  • Hike north from this bump down the slope until you reach a saddle.
  • From this saddle, hike east down the gully until it intersects the gully that runs north-south just west of the peak. Look for the gully intersection on your left side (north). It is easy to miss where the two gullies run together.
  • From this point, leave both gullies and hike about 1/4 mile to the summit.


Pipes Canyon Road intersects SR 247, Old Woman Springs Road, 5.5 miles north of SR 62 in Yucca Valley. It can be used for the east approach to get to Rimrock Road.


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Black Mountain #4 ( 6,149’ )