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Little Cahuilla Mountain ( 5042’ )
11/18/2018 19:40
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Little Cahuilla Mountain ( 5042 )


Date : Nov 14, 2018 14:12 ~ 16:30 ( 2h 18m )


Course : Trailhead ( 14:12; 4520 ) ~ Summit ( 15:22; 5042 ) ~

Left the summit ( 15:35 ) ~ Trailhead ( 16:30 ); RT 2.5 Miles, 700 Gain


With : Sierra Club HPS Team 9 Members




  • Take I-10 or SR 60 east to SR 79 in Beaumont. Take exit south to SR 79.
  • Go south on SR 79 to the Ramona Expressway. Turn left (east).
  • Go east and then southeast on the Ramona Expressway until it ends at SR 74. Turn left (east).
  • Go east on SR 74 to Mountain Center at the junction with Idyllwild Highway (SR 243).
  • Continue east on SR 74 for 12.5 miles to the intersection with SR 371 on the right. Turn right.
  • Go 9.5 miles on SR 371 to Cary Road on the right. Turn right. Note your odometer and go as follows:
  • At 3.7 miles, fork, with sign "Tripp Flats". Go left (west).
  • At 4.5 miles, fork, with Tripp Flats Station on the right. Go left (west) on 6S22, through a gate.
  • At 6.1 miles, saddle and road fork. This is the parking for Cahuilla Mountain.
  • At 6.2 miles, fork. Go right on 6S22.
  • At 7.5 miles, fork with sign "Allesandro Trail". Park here.



  • From the parking area (4520'+), begin hiking on an obvious trail leaving to the west.
  • After a short distance, look for a boulder where a clipped and ducked use trail leaves the main trail and heads west-northwest following the ridge to the top of the prominent bump 4930'.
  • From here, follow the trail along the ridge west-southwest around a rocky bump, up over elevation 4920'+, down into a saddle, and up to the summit.


With the passage of time ducks disappear and brush regrows. The hiker should be prepared to find no ducks in place and the route completely overgrown with brush. Conditions in the field are dynamic and changes over time are to be expected.

Dirt roads in the area may be closed for fire or rainy season. Check with the Forest Service in Idyllwild(909) 382-2921


Named in honor of the Cahuilla Indians, as is Cahuilla Mountain 2.5 miles southeast. "Cahuilla" means "master" in the Takic dialect of Uto-Aztecan. Their migration legends tell that they came from the north (ca.600?) via the San Jacinto Mountains. They were known trading partners with the somewhat more sophisticated Gabrieleno and Chumash to the north and served as middlemen with the warlike Mojave Indians to the east. The Apapatcem clan traditionally lived at a village known as "Saupalpa" that was 5 miles southeast of this mountain. Although related to the Luisenos, the Cahuilla were never absorbed into the brutal Mission system, and so they survived intact as a group with strong ceremonial capacity and military ability. Members of the five Cauhilla clans united under the leadership of Juan Antonio and moved north to aid Antonio Maria Lugo defend his holdings against Mojave raids (1846). Another leader, "Cabezon" (a Spanish nickname which means "fathead") also joined in alliance with the Californios. This permitted a degree of autonomy for their people as a whole. They sided with the Californios during the Mexican-American War, and fought a number of battles with their traditional enemies the Luisen"os- who didn't. Despite depredations by Americans in the 1850's, the Cahuilla prospered until the measles and smallpox epidemics of the 1860's.

Their remnants were moved to their present day Reservation by order of President Grant (1875).


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Little Cahuilla Mountain ( 5042’ )