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Mt. McDill ( 5187’ )
05/23/2019 16:18
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Mt. McDill ( 5187’ )


Location: Los Angeles County, about 15 miles east of Palmdale, 60 miles from Los Angeles


Date : May 22, 2019  09:08 ~ 12:28 ( 3h 20m )


Course : Trailhead ( 09:08; 3615’ ) ~ Summit ( 10:41; 3.4 Miles; 5187’; 1600’ Gain ) ~ 

Trailhead ( 12:28; 6.85 Miles; 3615’ ); 1720’ Gain


With : Sierra Club HPS, 5 Members ( Leader : Peter & Ignacia Doggett, Jinoak Chung )



  • Take CA 14 (Antelope Valley Freeway) to Palmdale. Exit onto Palmdale Blvd. East. Turn left and go west.
  • Continue 8.3 miles (Palmdale Blvd will become Elizabeth Lake Road) to the junction with Bouquet Canyon Road. Turn left (south).
  • In 3.3 miles, a vague summit known locally as Lincoln Crest. A gated dirt road is on the left, and an "Angeles Forest" sign on the right. Park where safe on the wide shoulder of Bouquet Canyon Road.


  • From the parking area, hike south up the dirt road.
  • Soon after passing the gate, the road forks with the right branch heading away from the power lines. Stay left.
  • About a mile in, the road forks under the power lines, and rejoins. About five minutes after that (if you're hiking slowly), the road bends left and goes vaguely downhill. An unsigned trail leaves the road on the right. Take the trail.
  • Follow the trail for a mile or so until it intersects a dirt road at a switchback. Note your location for the return. Turn right onto the road.
  • This road eventually (1/4 mile) intersects the fire road that follows the ridge. (This is the fire road in Route 1.) Turn left (east) on the fire road.
  • Follow the fire road for .68 miles further to the summit.
  • There are four bumps of similar elevation in the summit area. The first has a "Mint" benchmark; the second is the summit of McDill.


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Mt. McDill ( 5187’ )