What does worrying do?
09/05/2017 14:16
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Worrying dries bones, says Proverbs 17:22. However, is that it which worrying does to a person? No. It also hinders him from being a good steward in God’s household. In other words, it does no good to the church as well as to the person himself. 

Worrying about something means one is focusing on it, and that, negatively. It is mostly, by the way, about anything that hasn’t happened yet or it wouldn’t make any difference for. Most of cases worrying is just waste of time and energy. As worrying, , therefore, he is ineffective. Living ineffectively, one may become unproductive, one may become poorer, and one may become useless. Worrying, slowly though, eventually devastates his life. It is like rust. It eats the iron slowly but deeply. Worrying does worse harms to the person than rust does to the iron. It eats not only the body of the person and his spirit as well. 

This is related with its cause. Why does one worry? It is because he is being enticed by a desire in his heart. If he set his whole heart on God and His causes, he wouldn’t have any room left for a worldly desire. But his heart is divided and a part, little though, is occupied by the desire. It, conceived in heart, gives birth to sin, which separates him from God. The desire grows and also does the sorrow caused and nourished by it. As he worries the more as the desire grows, the farther does he go away from God. The dark chasm gets bigger in which sin grows.

Worrying, thusly, does great harm to the person bodily and spiritually. However, its harm does not end to the person. It does to the church too. Being defeated by the worldly desire, worrying, one would not be able to be effective for the work of the kingdom. How would he encourage others who are afflicted by various life situations, as he is so worried for worldly desires? How would he encourage those who are going through hardships of life, as his spirit is defeated by his own worldly concerns? How would he share joys and thanks for the grace of God with others who need them, as he is not enjoying them himself. How would he be an ambassador of salvation, while his hope is still lingering on this world? As stricken by worldly sorrow, one can’t be an effective steward to the Lord’s church.

Worrying comes from lack of trust in God (cf. Matt. 6:30). Therefore, there may be no better solution to it than to trust in God and give the whole heart to Him and His causes, with no left over to this world. He is faithful and almighty God and any piece of His words won’t fail and any promise of His won’t be fallen shattered on the ground. Our heavenly Father is a steadfast loving God to His faithful servants. If shadows of sorrow approach upon your heart, go near to God and just throw it onto Him (1 Pet. 5:7). Rebuke the devil, who entices you (James 4:7), in the name of the Lord, who triumphed over him by entrusting Himself to the almighty God (1 Pet. 2:23).

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What does worrying do?