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김정일의 업적
12/26/2011 16:51
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Kim Jong-il's legacy:









1.   Mass killing of his own people,  by both massive famine from chronic food    

       shortage due  to  poor harvesting with extreme bureaucratic mismanagement , as

       well as by ruthless torture in the gulags.






According to United Nations data, by 1998, the level of malnourishment in North Korea had

reached 60%, and chronic food shortages have continued ever since.  More than a generation is

now afflicted with defects caused by 20 years of  food shortages and malnourishment,  it  will

remain as one of the indelible, unimaginable crimes of the Kim Jong Il regime.



Defectors who escaped from North Korea in the mid-1990s share terrible memories of The March

of Tribulation’,  a euphemistic title for North Korea’s period of famine. This extreme food crisis went on for about four years, from 1995 to 1998.  Different research institutes have made different findings, but anywhere from two to three million people are estimated to have died due to disease, defects, or starvation caused by food shortages in this period.


Former Chosun Workers’ Party Secretary,  Hwang Jang Yop,  testified in his memoirs.  At the turn of 1995,  a flood in North Pyongyan Province heralded the beginning of severe food shortages.  Piles of bodies could be seen all over the place, similar to the Bubonic Plague in Europe in the 14th century.


Yet even in these difficult times,  Kim Jong Il famously enjoyed living in extreme luxury.  In the period after he took power,  he would spend several thousand dollars on a single meal,  which often included eel caviar, roast piglet,  shark’s fin,  and expensive goat meat.  Kim had financed most of his income through a massive illegal drug trafficking to Japan.  Actually, his unofficial title was a state sponsored drug kingpin of Asia, superseding other well known mega kingpins,  like  Manuel Noriega,  Amado Carrillo Fuentes, etc.


Kim didn’t spend all the money on himself.   He selfishly chose to spend some of his wealth on his close associates with ulterior motives to maintain power, as well as worshiping Kim Il Sung, again to assure his authority.   He never lifted a finger to do anything to better the lives of the starving and long suffering North Korean peoples,  not even one bowl of rice.


Kim spent 20 million dollars a year on gifts for his close associates, making sure that their loyalty was sound at all times.  What is more appalling,  Kim built over ten private vacation homes throughout scenic areas of North Korea and enjoyed spending each of his seasonal vacations at a different one.  One of his vacation homes reportedly has an underwater floor made of 10 centimeter thick reinforced glass to see 100 meters beneath the sea. This is strikingly similar to the lifestyle of  the drug lords.


Kim spent $890 million by lavishly expanding the Kumsusan Memorial Palace,  which is where Kim Il Sung’s body is entombed and where his own lies in state.   This money would have bought six million tons of corn at international grain prices,  food which could have been used to minimize the famine situation.


One might ponder that Kim would have enough intelligence to know that good laborers need food to eat in order to properly harvest their crops to their fullest potential.  No, instead,  he let the people continue to starve, and a large usable part of these crops decayed on their stalks, because these people were, in fact,  dying, much like the concentration camps in Germany and Poland in the late 1930's and early 1940's under  Adolph Hitler's  fierce command of the Third Reich.




2.   Building of A-bombs







financed by  1. illegal drug trades,



                      2. illegal arms sales and





                      3. illegal funds provided by Kim Dae-jung







3.  Grooming Kim Jong-un as his successor


Kim Ok (47) played a crucial role in deciding the dictator’s successor.





Kim Ok, born in 1964, studied piano at the Pyongyang College of Music and Dance.  Kim Ok has a 6 year-old child with the dictator.  Having worked as Kim Jong Il’s personal secretary in the early

1980s,  she later became his mistress. She made her appearance on the international stage at the

first inter-Korean summit in 2000.





In 2006, Kim Ok accompanied Kim Jong Il’s visit to China,  and met Chinese President Hu Jintao, 

proving her significance as Kim’s most entrusted entourage.


Kim Ok was deeply involved in running Kim Jong Il’s personal organizations,  including " Department 39" (which handles Kim Jong Il’s slush funds),  thus she had both authority and means to influence the decision of Kim Jong Il’s successor,  in case of an accident.


Australian Congressional Research Service’s , Jeffery Robertson , also anticipated  “Kim Ok’s influence over succession in North Korea,  if she guarantees the elite’s status quo.”


The news has it  that Kim Ok  had started preparatory work to nominate Kim Jong-un (27) since early  2000', especially since 2008.  Yonhap News,  citing several North Korean sources,  reported "Kim Ok reportedly had accelerated the preparatory work to nominate the third son , Kim Jong-un,  as a successor with the assistance of Lee Jeh Gang,  the first Vice Director of the Workers’ Party Guidance Department,  who had been a close acquaintance.


The sources gave the following analysis, "Kim Ok, who is in her 40's,  probably has the concern that  if the eldest son, Kim Jong Nam,  were to be selected as a successor, she would likely be pushed out of power,  due to the relative lack of a difference in their age.   Thus, her intention,  to take the  invisible position of  the actual leader of North Korea ,  by using Kim Jong-un as her puppet, knowing he only wants to do internet porn and keep female company, would make sense.






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