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김정은의 북한
12/24/2011 11:35
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Kim Jong-un's  Profile



Eureka Opinion:


He spent his youth in Switzerland and attended Liebefield  School near Berne. Unfortunately, he was not interested in studying at all and spent most of his time in playing basketball and reading porn magazines. In fact, he was caught by school officials for carrying porn magazines in his schoolbag at age ~15 .


Despite having thousands of dollars lavished on his education at a top private school in Switzerland, he didn't leave with even the equivalent of a single GCSE. The annual fee of this school was about $25,000.  He attended the school for two to three years and was abruptly pulled out from school without even checking the final exam results.  Actually  Kim Jong-un couldn't speak English, and failed exams.

He was then enrolled in the nearby public school,  where he was immediately put in the lowest tier of the class.  Then in late 2000, he suddenly vanished from his Swiss school as mysteriously as he had arrived.

He, then, was "enrolled from 2002 to 2007 in the Kim Il-sung Military University in Pyongyang," but was "taught at home." This means he received a graduation certificate without attending school, just like some celebrities received without actually earning them, there in South Korea.


He was taught  thoroughly on "computer science" in Pyongyang for the purpose of internet porn searching and computer games.  As a matter of fact, he had shown his mastery on internet video games at the time of Cheonam warship sinking,  belligerent artillery shelling of  Yeonpyeong island in 2010 and orchestrating Hwang Jang-yop death squads.   It has been noted that by playing violent computer games, actual violent behavior increases due to increased dopamine in the brain, as well as desensitization of these horrible acts.


Unfortunately, by living  in a large flat at No 10 Kirchstrasse, Swiss, a sedate suburban street with two pizza cafes, a bank and a co-op supermarket, he developed morbid obesity with diabetes and hypertension which are embedded in his genetic trait to his disadvantage. His diabetes and hypertension have gotten worse because of his sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits,  and heavy drinking in his 20's.


Some analysts said Kim Jong-il had used the years after his first brush with mortality, a stroke in 2008, to successfully build up support for this untested son. They also said North Korea’s ruling class might also recognize that, at least for now, they have no other choice but to accept the succession: the elder Mr. Kim’s two older sons are seen as lazy playboys, while any move to reject the Kim family could unravel the legitimacy of the entire regime.


People are well aware Kim Jong-un is good at internet porn searching and womanizing, but we are very concerned about his brutality on his political enemies, much worse than Arab dictators including Gadhafi and Assad. He will likely terrorize North Korea in coming months.


Even with a panel of the best advisors to help guide this young, inexperienced, ill-prepared new leader, it is doubtful he can manage North Korean affairs wisely.   The best South Korea, as well as the USA can do at this time is diligent monitoring of North Korea to make sure he doesn't provoke another brutal terrorist attack on South Korea (or elsewhere),  attempts to include Kin Jong-un in talks to improve relations with other neighboring countries, as well as having a military plan in case things take a wrong turn.  In other words, be nice first, and if that doesn't work, resort to more aggressive tactics.


It would have been better for North Koreans to have had a more appropriate leader appointed until Kim Jong-un is at least  35 years of age,  someone older and wiser, a trusted substitute,  maybe calling this a prime minister so as not to offend the young Kim.  Maybe this could still be an option, so young Kim can resume his internet porn activities as well as womanizing.


We should never forget the fact that millions of North Koreans have been starving or being imprisoned in the country’s gulags with daily torture and killing rituals. 










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Bloomberg News:


Kim Jong Un, North Korean Economy


 Dec. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Kim Jong Un, North Korea’s anointed leader, inherits an economy that was outstripped by South Korea in the 1970s, shrank after the collapse of communism in Europe and now struggles under its stated policy of self-reliance. The choice for Kim and his supporters is whether to stick with the central planning that’s failed in the past or embark on the type of opening that led neighbor China to surpass Japan as the world’s second-largest economy. Bloomberg's Zeb Eckert reports. (Source: Bloomberg)








CIA Economic Facts on North Korea:



North Korea, one of the world's most centrally directed and least open economies, faces chronic economic problems. Industrial capital stock is nearly beyond repair as a result of years of underinvestment and shortages of spare parts. Large-scale military spending draws off resources needed for investment and civilian consumption. Industrial and power output have declined in parallel from pre-1990 levels. Severe flooding in the summer of 2007 aggravated chronic food shortages caused by on-going systemic problems, including a lack of arable land, collective farming practices, and persistent shortages of tractors and fuel. Large-scale international food aid deliveries have allowed the people of North Korea to escape widespread starvation since famine threatened in 1995, but the population continues to suffer from prolonged malnutrition and poor living conditions. Since 2002, the government has allowed private "farmers' markets" to begin selling a wider range of goods. It also permitted some private farming - on an experimental basis - in an effort to boost agricultural output. In October 2005, the government tried to reverse some of these policies by forbidding private sales of grains and reinstituting a centralized food rationing system. By December 2005, the government terminated most international humanitarian assistance operations in North Korea (calling instead for developmental assistance only) and restricted the activities of remaining international and non-governmental aid organizations. In mid-2008, North Korea began receiving food aid under a US program to deliver 500,000 metric tons of food via the World Food Program and US nongovernmental organizations; but Pyongyang stopped accepting the aid in March 2009. In December 2009, North Korea carried out a redenomination of its currency, capping the amount of North Korean won that could be exchanged for the new notes, and limiting the exchange to a one-week window. A concurrent crackdown on markets and foreign currency use yielded severe shortages and inflation, forcing Pyongyang to ease the restrictions by February 2010. Nevertheless, firm political control remains the Communist government's overriding concern, which likely will inhibit changes to North Korea's current economic system.


GDP (purchasing power parity):

$40 billion (2009 est.)

country comparison to the world: 98


$40 billion (2008 est.)

note: data are in 2010 US dollars;





‘김정은의 북한’은 ‘김정일의 북한’과 얼마나 다를까?


by 주성하기자   2011/12/24




이를 알려면 김정은의 통치 스타일을 파악해야 한다. 독재 체제에서는 통치자의 성향과 스타일에 따른 정치행위와 용인술이 국정의 향방, 나아가 국가의 운명까지 좌우하는 매우 중요한 변수이기 때문이다.


하지만 현재로서는 김정은 체제가 김정일 체제와 크게 다를 것으로 보이지는 않는다.



○ “나의 정치는 정보정치”


아직까지 김정은이 어떤 방식으로 국정을 운영할지를 파악할 있는 단서는 많지 않다. 불과 1 3개월 전에 모습을 드러낸 그는 지금까지 아버지의 현지시찰을 열심히 따라다닌 것이 고작이다.


하지만 김정은이 후계자가 북한 소식통들의 전언을 통해 살펴보면 그가 아버지 못지않은 비밀주의와 폐쇄주의를 추구하고 있음을 짐작할 있다. 김정은이 후계자로 등극한 노동당이나 군부에 앞서 국가안전보위부를 장악한 것이 대표적 사례다.


자유아시아방송(RFA) 이달 보위부에 걸렸던 김정은의명제판’(김일성 일가의 교시를 적어 벽에 걸어 놓은 ) 철거됐다고 전했다. 명제판은 2009 3 23 보위부 청사를 찾은 김정은이수령님은 광폭정치를, 장군님은 은덕정치를 펼쳤지만 나의 정치는 정보정치가 것입니다”라고 했다는 발언을 것이다.


명제판은 김정은 생일인 올해 1 8 전국 보위부 간부 방에 설치됐지만정보정치’가 폭군이나 모략가를 연상케 한다는 의견 때문에 1년도 철거됐다. 최근 북한의 전례 없는 국경 봉쇄와 탈북자 사살도 김정은의 지시에 따른 것이라고 소식통들은 전한다.


김정은의 젊은 혈기와 즉흥성이 앞으로 북한을 더욱 극단으로 치닫게 가능성도 크다. 소식통들은 지난해 천안함 폭침과 연평도 포격 도발, 황장엽 암살단 파견 이해하기 어려운 무모한 정책의 배후에 김정은이 있다고 전한다.


김정일 통치방식 얼마나 본받나  경험도 적고 나이도 어린 김정은으로서는 당분간 아버지의 통치방식을 그대로 답습해 북한을 이끌고 가능성이 많다. 더욱이 김정은에게 조언해줄 측근 역시 김정일의 기존 핵심 측근들로 은둔의 정치방식 외엔 보고 들은 것이 없다는 한계가 있다.






김정일의 통치 스타일은 측근 중심의 밀실정치 주고 주고’ 식의 용인술 대중 노출을 최소화하는 신비화 전략으로 요약된다.


김정일은 소수의 엘리트그룹에 의존해 정책을 결정하고 자신의 지시를 대부분 노동당 일꾼과의 담화 형식으로 하향 전달했다. 마음에 들지 않는 간부는혁명화’로 한직에 내쳤다가 다시 발탁하고 복종하는 자에겐 선물 공세를 퍼붓는 방식으로 충성심을 이끌어냈다.


대중 앞에 나서길 좋아했던 김일성과는 달리 김정일은 노출을 매우 꺼렸다. 화려하게 포장된 자신의 이미지에 전혀 도움이 된다는 점을 알고 있었던 것이다.


그러면서도 그는 자신을한없이 자애로운 인민의 어버이’로 끊임없이 주민들을 세뇌시켰다.


김정은의 후계자 공식화 이후 북한 내의 대대적 숙청, 국경을 통한 탈북 단속 강화 음울한 소식은 그가 아버지의 스타일을 그대로 배우고 있음을 엿보게 한다.


아버지 못지않게 콤플렉스가 많은 김정은은은둔의 욕망’에서도 자유로울 없을 것으로 보인다. 결국 김정은도새로운 지도자’를 기대하는 북한 주민들의 염원과는 거리가 인물일 수밖에 없다.







김정은 북한
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