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To : All My Friend who love KOREA - English -
12/15/2019 10:04
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To; All my friends who love Korea


In 1945, Korea became independent from Japan after 36 years of Japanese occupation ended with Japan’s surrender at the end of World War II. The North part of Korea was close to Russia geographically was influenced by Russia while the South part of Korea was influenced by the U.S.A. After Kim Goo, a leader of the independence movement, was assassinated; Lee Sung Man returned to Seoul from the USA and started the  foundation for he new country “Daehanminguk (Korea).” Kim Il Sung, leader of the North part of Korea, was supported by Russia and attacked South Korea starting a civil war in 1950. Lee Sung Man asked US president Truman to support to south Korea along with 16 U.N countries. This war lasted almost 2 years and killed millions of peoples including 50,000 U.N soldiers. Korea was separated into two parts of Korea resulting in the separation of 10 million families.


To this day, the two parts of Korea are hostile to each other. The North was ruled by dictatorship by 3 generations of Kim’s family and and porrly governed so that 3 million people per year die by starvation. In the last 10 years, many north Koreans tried to escape to China or other countries via forced marriage or forced labor. The escapees who fled to South Korea now number over 30,000. At the same time, the South was led by good leader Park Chung for a decade. Park rapidly developed the economy and S. Korea rapidly industrialized. Today, south Korea has become the 10th most economic rich country in the world.

Recently, S Korea has become politically unstable as leftist groups grow. Their insisntence on unifying with North Korea might  lead to instability for the Korean peninsula.


Thirty years after Park’s regime, his daughter Park Geun-Hye was elected president of S. Korea in 2013. She became the first women to be president  While her father’s generation had a strong policy against communist North Korea, the daughter’s generation has changed. Anti-government groups and leftist groups together keep trying to usurp government power. In December 2016, the leftisit-controlled public media spread untrue stories to defame the lady president. The public were deceived by the false new in the media.


The president was impeached and imprisoned. Moon was elected as the new president in temporally election. Moon filled the cabinet membership with leftists. Meanwhile, north Korea developed costly nuclear weapons and ICBM even though their people were starving. The U.S.A and U.N needed to find ways to pressure N. Korea to stop developing nuclear weapons. U.S.A opened talks to north Korea but N. Korea refused to give up their nuclear weapons program. The current Moon government are not willing to demand that N. Korea stops nuclear program. Instead, President Moon distanced the country from the USA and developed closer ties to China and help to north Korea. 

North Korea has limited time by USA and UN pressure and try communicated with favorable South Korean government Moon. It’s time for winter Olympic in south Korea Feb 2018. They communicate with south and send 4-500 visitors include 10 athletic and a few government official guests. Moon welcome north Korea guests but almost ignore USA vice president visiting because USA vice president accompany with father of Otto Warmbier who died by north Korea tortured. USA now postponed Korea/USA Amy training after Winter Olympic, but Moon try this training postponed forever and prepare north and south head person meeting. South Korean who worry about future Korea become left, they demonstrate every Saturday and Sunday for more than 1 year but looks like no hope. USA attack north Korea any time and remove north head peoples but north and china agree their safety so that china can involve this attack, so USA are keep pressure to china for economic sanction.


After china approve by USA pressure, then USA attack north Korea and remove head peoples and make new government in USA way then south Korea government have no goal for north so naturally lose his power and elected new government and north and south same people make election and unify easy after 70 years separate, If God help us this miracle come true in this 2018. But threatening north Korea would work together with Moon and full out USA from south Korea successfully then south Korea would be under china power permanently and returning back to old poor situation with very pity forever. It becomes like Vietnam fate and many people are depend on boat escape from south Korea.


Dear my friend who love Korea in U.S.A and other Countries, pray for South Korea, making success with USA and eventually full freedom unity with north Korea in democracy country and contribute world peace and safety.


 Thank you very much.

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To : All My Friend who love KOREA - English -