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God of love
09/12/2018 13:08
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IP 222.xx.xx.37
"Do not worry about anything, but in all things, with prayer and supplication, present your requests to God with thanksgiving, and the peace of God, which is superior to all perceptions, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 4: 6-7 )
In the midst of suffering I was in physical pain and economic bankruptcy.
I realized that I was thinking about my dear family.
I pray to God with tears.
I am a homeless person on the street because there is no deposit.
God of love!
Please give help to Jong-Yong Lee's deacon
Every day I wait with tears in the hand of God 's love.
I am cold and hungry.
I will never forget your kindness. I will pray a lot.
In many parts of Seoul I have asked for help but few have been helped.
Many places asked for help.
It is almost impossible to get realistic help.
NGOs, aid groups and other Christian aid organizations seeking help.
The Social Security Administration asked for help.
They said they could not help me.
There is no way to reimburse hospital expenses, utility bills, or household debts.
I do not have a house and appeal to you
God will give you the grace of healing and help you.
God of love!
Please heal all diseases with the great power of Jesus blood.
Give miracles of healing to glorify God.
I pray to the Lord ...
In Christ Jesus
Let us overcome the present circumstances, diseases and difficulties and win in the Lord.
Please pray for my family.
Help me a little like a lot of small things gather.
Share the love of Jesus and share His love with your neighbor.
I will never forget your kindness when the children of God bless me.
thank you. I ask for your many prayers and support.
Lord, hear our prayers.
I have received grace and the Holy Spirit in the love of God and have been blessed.
Help me God
I am sorry to ask you to help me. .
I will never forget your kindness.
Physical pain and economic bankruptcy destroyed our home.
I have arthritis, chronic gastritis, malignant cancer and respiratory dizziness.
I suddenly fell on the roadside with dizziness.
My face was injured about 3 cm in this accident,
The fracture of the face bone caused an accident
I am fighting various diseases but I do not get treatment
I will do as much as the Lords suffering.
I can bear the pain. But Im hungry.
I am embarrassed and beg to help me.
Waiting for help.
The deacon Lee Jong-yong, who served the Lord with praise, is in trouble.
God is love (1 John 4:16)
God is our refuge.
Power is a great help to meet in times of trouble (Psalm 46: 1)
The power of intercession to save lives and save souls! The prayer of hope!
We need our love.
Mission fund [missionfund] is ...
In addition to churches, missions agencies, and missionaries,
The Saints help, support and serve the individual
Mission Fund [missionfund] Christian Fundraising
In the ministry of sharing and service in Gods love
I pray for the great revival and development.
I tell you the truth, you are here among my brothers.
He did to one very little one, that he did it to me. (Matthew 25: 31-46)
Share the love of Jesus
God of love!
God Love-Neighbors Love
JESUS Christ loves you and God bless us all
Christian Fundraising [missionfund]
With the great power of the Blood of Jesus Please heal all sickness.
Give me a miracle of healing so that I can heal all diseases from head to foot and glorify God with a healthy body.
God of love!
The Holy Spirit who knows all things and circumstances will fill all the needs and help you!
Please guide me in the path of prosperity. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

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God of love