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20대에 시작하여 50년이 넘도록 만들려던 

목선 하나가 있습니다.

아직도 못 띄운 목선 하나가

어느 하구에서 태울 사람을 기다릴지,

묵은 낙서장속에서 

찿아본 목선의 주소를 여기 써 봅니다.

생명의 빛갈은 가지각색이라던

휠다른의 싯귀도 있군요.

달빛에 띄울


하나를 짓는다.

이 목선은


쌓인 수로에


뜰 것이다.

고기는 아니 잡고


삐꺽대는 뒷전에 앉을

내 마음

조그마한 목선


달빛에 짓는다.


What Colour is the Wind

                             Charlie Landsborough


What colour is the wind, Daddy
Is it yellow, red or blue
When he's playing with my hair, Daddy
Does he do the same to you
When he's dying does his colour fade
Is a gentle breeze a lighter shade
Just like his friend the sea
The wind feels blue to me
When the blackbird starts to sing, Daddy
Do the flowers hear him, too
When he's pouring out his heart, Daddy
Tell me, what do roses do
Do they cast their scent upon the air
And is fragrance just a rose in prayer
Giving thanks to God above
For the blackbird's song of love
Blow, wind, blow
Wild and free
My Daddy says
You're a lot like me

I know each colour
Its shape and size
I've seen them all
With my Daddy's eyes
I know that grass is green, Daddy
I've touched it with my toes
And snow is purest white, Daddy
I've felt it with my nose
But my favorite colour has to be
The colour of your love for me
And Daddy, I've been told
That love is always gold
My Daddy says
You're a lot like me
What colour is the wind

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