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06/25/2020 15:10
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If I Can buy a happiness for only $3 a day? 

How good would it be ,if you could buy happiness for $3 a day?

Happiness is an emotion that feels joy from the depths of the abyss.

It seems that the purpose of life is to pursue life for happiness.

You can see happiness in the smile of a child who sleeps in the mother's arms.

From the children who are pleased to receive the toys they want 

to have for the holidays .

While growing up, in a life of comparison with others, 

through fierce survival competition.

Instead of the true happiness ringing in the depths of the abyss, 

I feel like I'm spending the most precious time of my life, 

mistaken for the relative satisfaction compared to others. 

One day,  it seems like that  I'm   wondering nowhere.

What am I living for, and why? 

It just became a being that fills those places.

In my family, friends and relatives and social circle.

Through hobbies, religious or social service activities,   

It seems to be going on a journey to find me .

There seems to be something vague about some social status.

 when join the Rotary International Club

Rotary Club  Motto  The true reward of “Serve Above Self” 

is real and move my heart.

I realized that it is an organization that serves for value that I did serch . 

More than 1.3 million members around the world ,more than 200 countries 

  are working together to serve this purpose. 

The  Rotary Foundation's main engine to make it.


Half a century ago, polio was the most feared disease for mankind.

It was a terrible disease that would cause death or infidelity crippled if  caught.

Rotary International has been working with the United Nations to fight this disease. 

Vaccine administration for eradication (Eradication) 

As a result of running it is now almost gone. 

In particular, Microsoft founder Bill and Medelene Gates Foundation, 

 have created a matching fund to help this movement. 

All these dodations have been for over a hundred years

 by Paul Harris Fellow members. 

This is the result of a concerted effort.

* A few reason why we need to give to rotary foundation.


* It give us the opportunity to do good in the world.

  • It give us the opportunity to leave a living legacy after we are gone
  • It give us the opportunity to be become a world class philanthropist.

* It give us the opportunity to share our blessing with those who need.


* It give us the opportunity to teach our children how to give.           

* It give us the opportunity to learn how lucky we are. 

* It give us the opportunity to change the world for better.

  • giving the rotary foundation is an opportunity like no other.                    

I joined  Rotary Club  more than 20 years ago, but in earnest 

Paul Harris Fellow ($1.000) participated for more than 10 years. 

It wasn't easy to make a thousand dollars every year . 

But I found the easy way to make it thru the program that Foundation provide,  only $3.00 per day is not hard to make it .


I'm glad I soon won the honor of Major Donor from Rotary Foundation .


My mother always told me to be a giver rather than a recipient, 

and I practiced it myself for a lifetime .

You can join a great organization called Rotary Club ,

It is also a small pleasure and filled  your life with joy and happiness .

Hey! you can buy a happiness only $ 3.00 A Day.     

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