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Mokelumne 강가의 파피 만발
04/18/2020 12:04
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Mokelumne 강가의 파피 만발

아마도 카운티를 관통하여 흐르는 마켈람니(발음이정확한지 잘 모르겠음)라는 강가에 바야흐로 파피가 지천으로 만발했습니다. 올해는 기온과 강수량이 적절하여 최대한으로 화려하고 예쁘게 꽃이 피게 되었다고 합니다.

일부 얘기로는 카운티에서 일부러 파피 씨앗을 온 벌판과 산비탈에 살포하고 꽃이 피게하여 관광객을 유치하고자 했다 합니다. 하여간 배시시 진땀이 나는 쾌적한 봄기운에 파피들이 햇빛을 역광으로 받아 천국의 꽃처럼 만개했습니다. 

다음은 미국 어느 블로그에 '마켈람니'의 파피를 소개하는 글을 퍼 왔습니다. 참고하기 바랍니다.  

From there, follow Hwy. 49 north to Jackson. Just after crossing the river, detour east on Electra Road along the river for wildflower-finding, and just outside Jackson, you can detour down Middle Bar Road back down to the river for more wildflower sightings. Jackson is a vibrant old and new town, with quaint Main Street preserving gold rush history with a variety of cute shops and eateries. Stop at the National Hotel at the south end of Main. Built in 1852 and visited by many noteworthy guests over its history, the hotel was extensively renovated a few years ago; stop in Stanley’s Steakhouse in the hotel’s lower level for libation or lunch.

If time allows, visit the old Kennedy Mine and the historic Kennedy Mine Tailing Wheel #4 north of town, for a short dose of early mining history.  If you like the casino scene, the Jackson Rancheria Casino is a big part of “new Jackson”.

From Jackson, take the Stoney Creek Road west to Pardee Lake (the road crosses Pardee Dam and the Mokelumne River outflow) for another scenic drive through verdant green hillsides and wildflowers, then follow the road back to Valley Springs.

To really see the wild and scenic Mokelumne River, plan side trips to river access points on the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail (download marvelous maps from East Bay Municipal Utilities District, ebmud.com; get a trail permit, accessible on-line). To see the free running upper reaches of the Mokelumne River, plan short or longer hikes on the trail from either the Rich Gulch Trail access point on Gwin Mine Road off of Highway 26, or the Middle Bar Trail access point, 3 miles down a bumpy Middle Bar Road off of Highway 49.

Along the Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail, find old townsites such as James Bar, Middle Bar and Independence Flat ? you will have to look hard to find old foundations, for miners, fire, floods and East Bay MUD removed the buildings after placer gold mining played out. The town of Middle Bar was founded in 1850 by English miners, finding gold quartz. A year later, a bridge was built to handle increasing miner traffic; soon it was washed away by a flood and subsequent bridges replaced it (a newer bridge currently marks the spot). Additional trail points of interest include the Hancock and Tibbetts Quartz Mine and several old homestead stone homes along the access roads.

(Jackson 인근의 49번 길)

(Mokelumne 강가의 파피)

코로나의 여파로 화장실이 폐쇄됐습니다.

그 옛날 꽃분이하고 딩굴던 개망초 꽃밭과도 같습니다.

Mokelumne River

(Mokelumne Coast to Crest Trail)

Mokelumne River, 파피, 49번 길, 아마도 카운티, 봄날
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Mokelumne 강가의 파피 만발