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North Korea blew up inter-Korean liaison office at 2:49 pm ? SKorea unification ministry. 6/16/2020
06/16/2020 01:24
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BREAKING NEWS:  North Korea blew up inter-Korean liaison office at 2:49 pm ? SKorea unification ministry. 6/16/2020

BREAKING NEWS: North Korea blew up inter-Korean liaison office at 2:49 p.m. ? South Korea unification ministry. 6/16/2020

Video from South Korea's defense ministry showing North Korea blowing up the liaison office 
6/15/20, 11:09 PM

North Korea blows up South Korea liaison office, Seoul says
North Korea blew up an inter-Korean liaison office on its side of the border, in an explosive rebuke to Seoul that appeared designed to draw maximum global attention with little immediate risk of war.

North Korea’s state TV said that the Kaesong liaison office has been totally destroyed. 6/16/2020
북한 조선중앙방송 "개성 연락사무소 오늘 14시 50분 완전 파괴"

[영상] 北 남북연락사무소 폭파 모습…한국 청와대 NSC상임위 긴급소집

[영상] 北 조선중앙TV "개성 연락사무소 완전 파괴"

'남북 대화 상징' 연락사무소, 1년 9개월 만에 170억원 연기 역사 속으로

[영상] 북한 공식 확인 "요란한 폭음과 함께 비참하게 파괴"

[영상]북한, 남북공동연락사무소 폭파…김여정 위협 사흘만에 강행

통일부 "16일 오후 2시 49분 공동연락사무소 폭파"
판문점 선언 결과로 문 열고 남북 연락 창구로 활용돼
지난 1월 말 코로나19 여파로 인원 철수하고 연락선만 남겨
김여정 "형체도 없이 무너진다" 위협 사흘만에 기능 상실

한국 통일부 “北, 남북공동연락사무소 폭파”

Jihye Lee 이지혜
2018 vs. 2020 PHOTO:
6/15/20, 11:08 PM

LIM Yun Suk, CNA
South Korea’s military footage of the explosion at the Kaesong liaison office that was set up to allow communication btwn the two Koreas. #Dprk has admitted it ‘totally destroyed’ that facility. 
6/15/20, 11:40 P

North Korean media says it’s now “too late” for the South to avoid a crisis

South Korea has released surveillance footage of North Korea blowing up the inter-Korean liaison office today. South Korean military officials told us they watched it live: Josh Smith

S. Korea vows "strong" responses if N. Korea carries out provocation: defense ministry: YNA

BREAKING: Here's footage of North Korea's state-run KCTV announcing that the North-South joint liaison office has been "tragically destroyed" on Tuesday. 

UPDATE: South Korea’s vice unification minister expressed “strong regret” against the “senseless act” of detonating the joint-liaison office Tuesday evening, adding it “astounded not only our people but the whole world.” -NK News

Good thing they put the liaison office in North Korea! -John Delury

Kelly Kasulis (카슬리스 켈리)
??North Korea blew up the joint-liaison office a few hours ago. Meanwhile in Seoul, it’s 6pm, people just want to go home and there’s no obvious sign on the street that literally anyone cares. No “chaos” or “alarm” to see here. PHOTO
6/15/20, 11:11 P

北の連絡事務所爆破で韓?側所長が?明 「非常識、ありえない行?」
6/16/20, 1:46 AM

South Korea's military also warns it will "respond strongly" to further North Korean military provocations: William Gallo

How blasphemous to be so blatantly anti-DPRK #Despotess #KimYoJong, who’s called Moon a “retard, scared dog, 3 year-old, traitor” just in the past 3 months: Sung-Yoon Lee

LIM Yun Suk, CNA
??North Korea’s media was fast to put out the report that #Pyongyang had totally destroyed the North-South joint liaison office. Says the move was in line with "the mindset of the enraged people to surely force human scum and those, who have sheltered the scum, to pay dearly..”
6/16/20, 12:15 AM
[남북공동연락사무소 폭파 관련 NSC 상임위 긴급회의 결과 브리핑]
정부는 오늘 북측이 2018년「판문점선언」에 의해 개설한 남북공동연락사무소 건물을 일방적으로 폭파한 것에 대해 강력한 유감을 표명함. -대한민국 청와대 
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"The liaison office was tragically ruined with a terrific explosion" - #DPRK says it has destroyed liaison office for "the enraged people" as South Korea expresses "strong regret" over the demolition

The two #Koreas: #70 years of danger and detente
6/16/20, 2:37 AM

*옥류관 냉면의 추억(Two Koreas, Two Looming Crises: The Hill)
Sister Kim Yo-jong cited as saying South Korea should stop making unrealistic proposals like sending an envoy. Guess no hope for dialogue, at least for now. 
[속보] 김여정 "남한, 특사파견 같은 비현실적 제안 말라"

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North Korea blew up inter-Korean liaison office at 2:49 pm ? SKorea unification ministry. 6/16/2020