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Blog Open 03.01.2011

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To. Happy Village Volunteers
05/18/2011 10:52
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May 18th 2011



Dear Happy Village Volunteers:


We are pleased to announce our participation in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program as a Certifying Organization.


This new Award is a Presidential honor that recognizes the valuable contributions of volunteers nationwide who are answering President Barack H. Obama call to serve others through their current volunteer

activities or lifetime service. As a Certifying Organization, we will identify eligible recipients, verify their

service hours, and distribute the Award to outstanding volunteers.



Today, we invite you to apply for this Award, if you meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the table

 below, by contacting Star Jeong at 213-368-2607, or Contact@MyHappyVillage.org 


 To qualify, volunteers simply submit a record of their service hours to HappyVillage-KAVC and

 we verify the service and distribute the Award.   


For those volunteers who haven’t accumulated enough hours of service to be eligible for the Award,

I encourage you to contact us at Star Jeong at 213-368-2607, or Contact@MyHappyVillage.org to

 sign up for additional volunteer projects available through our organization.  We have ongoing service

projects as well as one-time community projects during Make A Difference Day, National Family Volunteer Day or National Volunteer Week. You can participate in these service projects by yourself, with family

members, neighbors, or colleagues from work. 


Additionally, eligible volunteer service hours are not limited to those performed on behalf of KAVC-Happy Village. In fact, service hours can be accumulated through work on a variety of projects support by Happy Village throughout the year. The only requirement is that the hours be completed within 12 months; recipients can qualify for a new Award each year.


To be eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award,

Applicants’ service hours must be confirmed by a registered Certifying Organization. 


There are three levels of the Award varying by hours of service completed within a 12-month period:

Kids - 14 and younger   

·  Bronze Award     50 - 74 hours

·  Silver Award        75 - 99 hours

·  Gold Award          100 or more hours

Adults - Ages 26 and up

Bronze Award        100 - 249 hours

Silver Award          250 - 499 hours

Gold Award           500 or more hours

Young Adults - Ages 15 - 25

·  Bronze Award    100-174 hours

·  Silver Award       175 - 249 hours

·  Gold Award         250 or more hours

Families and Groups (two or more people)*

Bronze Award       200 - 499 hours

Silver Award         500 - 999 hours

Gold Award          1,000 or more hours

*Each member contributing at least 25 hours towards the total

President’s Call to Service Award

Individuals who have completed 4,000 or more volunteer service hours over the course of their lifetime are eligible to receive the President’s Call to Service Award.


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To. Happy Village Volunteers