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All About Me
04/12/2017 17:22
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Reading 과목에서 작문숙제를 내주었었다. 제목은 'All About Me'.  

어떻게쓸까 고민을 하다가 약 80%만 내 모습을 보여주기로 생각하고 글을 썼다.

엊그제 제출을 하였는데 선생님이 내가 잘못 쓴 곳을 고쳐준 후 오늘 되돌려 받았다.

선생님은 활짝 웃으면서 나에게 'You are excellent! Also your English is not poor' 하면서 주었다.

내가 작문중에 그렇게 썼던것을 기억하고 말해준것이리라.

All About Me

I was born in South Korea. I have six siblings, and I am the third one. I got married in the spring

of 1979. One day in April 1985, I came to Chicago, Illinois U.S.A with my husband and 4-year-old big daughter, and 3-year-old second daughter. My son was born three years after arriving in Chicago.

At first, I lived in an apartment in uptown Chicago. A year after arriving in Chicago, I worked at the

Korea First Bank Chicago Branch in downtown Chicago. But the bank was closed by IMF and I lost

my job. I worked 14 years in that bank.

A year later, in 2000, I entered Hanjin Shipping Co. The company is shipping industry, was a very

large company. It was ranked Top in Korea and seventh in the world. My job position was 2nd

auditor in accounts payalbe and my salary was higher than others.

In 2006, the company moved to Tempe, Airzona, and because of this reason I moved to Arizona.

After moving, I built my house in Queen Creek. It was a small house, but I upgraded a lot inside the

house. I have been living in that unique house since October 2007. In September 2016, however,

a good company went bankrupt. There were 256 employees who lost their job, also I had to quit

the company that I worked in for 16 years.

I am 63 years old now. My husband died three years ago, and I have two daughters, who are

married. My oldest daughter lives in Chicago and my second daughter lives in Texas. My son,

who is single,lives with me. Also, I have a granddaughter and a grandson.

I was retired earlier than I thought of other reasons. From this point, I thought my life and my furture.

I wanted to use this opportunitty for myself. I will not be a burden to my three children because I have

already saved money for my retirement. This is why I decided to learn English as the first investment

for me. I learned English only for six years in my whole life. Three years in junior high school

and another three years in high school. Anyway, I am grateful that I have been able to work well

in the United States for over 30 years with my poor English.

That's why I started learning ESL at Mesa Community College in Janyary of this year. I want to

continue to learn English in the future if I can. I am satisfied with my life. I am healthy and learning

ESL at school. Also sometimes, I like to go on trips with my lovely children or with my friend.

My hobby is hiking, and I prefer backpacking trips.

Life is charming and beautiful. Isn't it?

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