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Once 횟수 부사
05/20/2018 23:34
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    이십오년전 어느 날 부터 배우려고 모은 자료입니다.    참고가 되었으면 하고 올려봅니다.

 Once 횟수 부사      (한번)

       (N) one time, one single time:

                For once we’re right.               Let me go there just this once.

   (Conj.)  as soon as: whenever:

         Once they leave, we can cleanup.   Once she gets here, we can start the meeting.

   (Adv.)  a) one time, without repetition, only: 

                  I saw him once.   I feed our dog once a day.

            b) at any time; ever;

                  If once you visit Alaska you will never forget it.

            c) formerly (at a in the past)

                 I was once a child, too.  He was a handsome man.

      Have / has Pp. once  (한번한적이 습니다)  once 한번 때는 문장 끝에 둡니다

                      I have seen him once.    본 적이     I have met him once.   만난 적이


      Have / has once Pp.  ( 때는 일찍,  언젠가, 옛날에)

                      I have once seen a tiger.       Ha has once been in Anchorage.

   Once = at some time in the past  한때는 

                        I was a teacher once.   한때는 선생님이였습니다. 

   Once again = once more     다시 한번

                       I’d like to see once again.       You must try it once again.

   Once and for all (Adj. Phr.)

      one time and never again without any doubt; surely, certainly, definitely, now, and finally

     a) 한번만, 이번뿐, , 확실하게, 틀림없이

           I think I’ve finally fixed it once and for at all.

           Of course that’s the problem and I’ve decided to stop it once and for all.

    b) Permanently  (영구적으로)

          Tom and Bob asked the teacher to settle the argument once and for all.

          The General decided that two bombs would destroy the enemy and the war once and for all.

    c) Finally and irreversibly 단호하게,  확실하게

            I want to get this problem settled once and for all.

            I told her once and for all that she has to start studying.

    d) For the last time. 이번을 마지막으로

           Once and for all, the answer is no!  I’m not going to pay you any more money.

   Once in a blue moon = 어쩌다 한번,  가믐에 콩나듯 , 아주 드믈게,  예외적으로 

         She has a bath once in a blue moon. 거의 모욕을 하지않습니다.


   Once-in-a- lifetime chance = 일생에 한번뿐인 기회

      It’s an once-in-a-lifetime chance.


   Once in a while = 이따금, 가끔

          We go for a picnic in the park once in a while. 가끔 공원에 산책 갑니다. 



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Once 횟수 부사