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상상 초월 특별한 천재견 호야

Dog = a dog is an animal with four legs and fur.  

            Puppies grow like doggies.

                Anne carefully carried the sick puppy in her arms.


             Pacing a puppy isn’t so easy!       강아지를 기르는 일은 정말 쉽지 않습니다.    

             The first dog year equals 21 human years.  

             So, if you’ve got a seven-year-old dog:

                    It’s 21 + (6´4) = 45 human years- in the prime of life, in other words.  

             Many people have different kind of dogs for pets.


            A collie is a large dog that makes a good pet.     The dog is a collie.

            A dog needs a place to run and play outdoors.

            A big, barking dog came running toward them.


            Sometimes a dog can be your best friend.        

            Dogs help their human friends.


            Some dogs learn how to hunt, look after sheep.

            People who lived in caves had pet dogs.   

            Guide dogs for the blind are trained in New Jersey.

        A troop of little black and white poodles jumped on and off tables and barked on command.

           All dogs are friendlier than cats.

           Dogs usually chase cats.

           My dog chasses my cat.

           My cat has sometimes chased my dog.

My cat is chasing my dog.

My cat ate my dog’s dinner.

My cat has been eating my dog’s dinner.

             My dog’s name is June.

                  What does June do?  

                   She has spots on her face and spots on her neck, and spots on her arms.

                   My dog June is very, very old.  She is the oldest dog you’ll see.

                   My dog June sleeps all day long.  That’s just what old dogs do.

[ Habitats are Homes  동식물의 서식지, 생육지

             What makes a good habitat?    , 식물들이 잘살수있는 서식지는?  

                     Different animals have different habitats.     

                 There must be shelter.           Habitats give us shelter.

                       v The weather must be just right.        v The plants must be just right.

                       v The water must be just right.            v There must be food.


        Animals need a place to live.    Animals live in:

                      v Some live in caves.                            v Some live in snow and ice.

                      v Some live in tree trunks.                    v Some live in river.

                      v Some live in nests.                             v Some live in dig under the ground. Etc.


              brick home, desert home, frame home, forest home, mountain home

              Burrows (토끼, 여우들의 ) is a hole that an animal digs in the ground.

                                              Rabbits live in borrows.

An igloo

A barn

A beach

A castle

A cave

A cave

A coop

A fold

A garden

A hill

A hive

is a home for an Eskimo.

is a home for a cow.

is a home for sea stars, crab, spiders

is a home for a duchess.

is a home for a people.

is a home for bats, bugs, spiders

is a home for a chicken.

is a home for sheep.

is a home for butterflies, snails

is a home for an ant.

is a home for bee.   벌집

A hole

A house

A houseboat

A kennel

A pond

A pueblo

A sty

A teepee

A tree home

A web

A shell

is a home for a mole or a mouse.

is a home for me and my family

is a home for a people (거주용 집배)

is a home for a dog.

is a home for frogs, fish, spiders

is a home for a Hopi.

is a home for a sow.

is a home for a Cree.

is a home for squirrels, birds

is a home for a spider.

is a dwelling for shellfish.  천재견





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