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01/13/2015 07:48
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At Home

  Tell what you do at home all day long!

At home, there is lot of work to do.    매일하는일을 앞에서 말했지만 많은 일이 있습니다.  그렇지요!

           These are some activates we do every day at home.      

                A family work at home.

                       You do as many things as you can.

                       You are home and have many things to do.

                        All the sheets are dirty.  Let’s do the laundry this afternoon.

                       Mother is in the yard.  She has a shovel and hoe.  She is planting garden.

                  Father is outside. He has a bucket of soapy water a rag.  He is washing the car.

                   Sister is watering the plants.

                   Brother is in the garage.  He is throwing out the trash?

                    We have a lot of work to do and we must finish by end of the day.

                    We jog, we jump, we walk, and we run in the morning.  Or every morning.

Mom does everything around the house.   (around the clock =  하루종일)

            My mom works hard every day!    She enjoys her job.

          My mom never has to relax. 

          My mom never has enough time. 

            I think she need relaxing time!     

                  Try to rest.  

                 Take a rest. 

                 Take relax. 

                 Take a nap. 


       Then today I do!    어머니께서 매일 수고하시기에 오늘은 제가하겠습니다.…     

                Mom just sits here and drinks a cup of tea.
                Mom just sits here and rest, and watch TV.

                        엄마!    아무일도 하지말고 TV보면서 커피마시고 친구들과 전화하면서 편이 쉬세요!

                       Mom calls to her friends.

                   Mom talks on the phone with her friend.

                   Mom listens to good music.

                   Mom read a book, the newspaper, magazines!

                   Mom invite the neighbors. 


                 Sally says, “Look at this messy kitchen!”

                 There is lots of work to do.  Together we can finish fast and surprise Mom.” 

                 My sister Sally, my brother John and I like to help our Mom. 


         John got the broom.  Sally washed the dishes.  Together we cleaned and cleaned.

                           I change the sheets.                                     I fix a torn sleeve.

                           I check the temperature.                             I empty the trash.

                           I clean my room.                                         I feed the animals.

                           I clean the house.                                        I turn off the light.

                           I clean the floor.                                          I turn on the light.

                           I cook every meal.                                      I wash the dishes.                                 

                          I do the laundry.                                          I mop the floor.                

                          I dust the furniture.                                     I vacuum the carpet.         

                         I sweep the garden.                                     I make the bed.                       

                         I sweep the kitchen floor.                           I mess up my room.                              

                         I recycle cans, papers


                    Wow!   Mom says thank you for working today !!!                    



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