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미얀마 나가족들의 추수 감사 축복의 밤 축제 사진 Blessing the harvest with the Naga of Myanmar
02/21/2020 04:54
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Blessing the harvest with the Naga of Myanmar - in pictures

미얀마 나가족들의 추수 감사의 축복 밤 축제 사진

The Guardian

Naga tribeswomen around a fire during an overnight ceremony to bless the harvest in Satpalaw Shaung village. Photograph: Ye Aung Thu/

AFP via Getty Images

Naga children playing in front of their homes in Tarmaw Lawri village in the Lahe township

Children play tug-of-war in front of the school in Toe Lawt

Children playing as they surround their teacher in front of their school in Toe Lawt in Lahe township

Bath-time in the Chindwin river in Hkamti township

Naga is the blanket term for dozens of tribes each with their own distinct dialect living near the Indian border, only accessible by nerve-shredding motorcycle journeys and on foot

Sunset over the Lahe township in Myanmar’s Sagaing region. Like most Naga, the Gongwang Bonyo are mainly subsistence farmers who clear and burn the steep slopes around them to plant paddy, maize and vegetables

Men working as they prepare for the upcoming overnight ceremony by Naga tribeswomen to bless the harvest. It will be the men’s turn in a few weeks’ time, once the newly designated land is fully cleared and ready for planting

A man walking with his child as the village prepares for the night’s festivities

Women carrying wood to be burned during the upcoming overnight ceremony

It is tradition for the men of the village to look after the children while the women collect the wood

Photograph: Ye Aung Thu/AFP via Getty Images

Dressed in black, wearing orange bead necklaces and palm leaf headbands, they rotate around a fire in Satpalaw Shaung village, hands held tightly and braving the cold with bare arms

A child standing with dogs by the ceremonial fire. “This is the essence of our village and it brings us joy,” they chorus

Villagers sit next to a campfire for warmth as Naga tribeswomen continue the ceremony. “The song is a prayer to bring success to the hill farms this coming year”

At dawn, the villagers continue to watch the ceremony

The women continue their ritual through dawn; with temperatures plummeting it is a test of physical endurance, only helped by an occasional draught of rice wine

As the roosters crow and the sun rises, youngsters are welcomed into the circle

Men prepare a freshly slain pig for the new day’s feast

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미얀마 나가족들의 추수 감사 축복의 밤 축제 사진 Blessing the harvest with the Naga of Myanmar