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I have a joy down in my deep heart!
06/10/2018 20:36
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Today, our church worshiped to celebrate graduation. We celebrated several graduates from kindergarten to postgraduate to doctoral degree. And our church has a scholarship foundation. The Scholarship Foundation fund is raised for approximately $ 1 million, and the scholarship is paid annually. This year, 30 students were awarded $ 30,000 scholarships.


The 21 students were local students and the 9 students were Mexico, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Kochumi students.

21 local students award for scholarship this year.

$30,000  for 30 students.


In the afternoon, a picnic was held in Kenneth Hahn Park. The choir members had time for a barbecue party and fellowship. There is a small pond in Kenneth Hahn Park and there are many hiking trails and a wide picnic area where many Los Angeles residents enjoy the afternoon.

I enjoy a happy afternoon because of the picnic and come back home with joy.

Cooking Bar-B-Q.

Pastor Chang Min Lee Played for Choir members for their efforts.


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I have a joy down in my deep heart!