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TPI 시험 후기 ( Fitness Level 3)
01/24/2018 19:06
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TPI 시험 후기 ( Fitness Level 3)

TPI GOLF Level 3에 이어 Fitness Level 3도 무사히 시험을 통과했습니다.

예전에는 시험을 통과하면 상장을 한국으로 보내주었는데 시간이 흐른 요즘은 어떤지 모르겠네요.
  특히나 Fitness는 관련 자격증을 추가로 획득해야 완전체가 되는 과정이네요. 

오랫만에 머리를 썼더나 살짝 아프군요.. ㅎ. ㅎ

이젠 TPI 관련 박사급의 반열에 오를건가요 ?   ^ ^
시험에 합격하는 TPI 홈페이지에 이름과 관련정보가 업데이트 됩니다.


Congratulations on passing your Fitness Level 3 exam! 

We want to personally thank you for choosing to expand your education with TPI. We’re confident that as you begin to apply what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to grow your individual business and see real, substantial improvement in your players and clients. Please take a moment and review the important information below. 


The purchase of TPI Fitness Level 3 includes one year of Active Certified status. Active status gives clients the assurance they are seeing the most qualified experts in the industry who are up to date with the latest information on golf instruction, health and fitness. Staying Active is the only way to receive the incredible benefits associated with being a TPI Certified member. 

You can review your current Certification status here


Your new TPI Fitness Level 3 credentials have already been added to your Expert Profile. Please take a moment to make sure your profile is up to date and accurate. We have over 50,000 unique visitors to each month, many of them looking for experts just like you. 

You may notice that you now appear higher in the Find an Expert search results, as Active Certified members with higher level Certifications or additional course Minors are displayed first. 


For those individuals with the proper cedentials for TPI Fitness Level 3 Certification, we’ve added the TPI Fitness Level 3 logo to your Resources & Tools section of and it is available for download at your convenience. Please refer to our Marketing Policy to learn how to consistently and properly use the TPI and Titleist trademarks. If you have any questions regarding the use of logos or trademarks, please contact us. 


Now that you’ve completed Fitness Level 3, you’ve reached TPI’s highest level of education for the Fitness track. TPI members who are Level 3 Certified truly separate themselves as experts in their field. You may be interested in other TPI tracks to further your education. We highly recommend additional tracks in subjects you’re interested in to gather an even more complete understanding of the Body-Swing Connection™. Take a moment to browse the Certification Overview page. Once again, congratulations on passing the Fitness Level 3 test and we hope to see you in other seminars soon!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

TPI Customer Service
TPI Sponsored by Titleist

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TPI 시험 후기 ( Fitness Level 3)