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12/09/2010 02:48
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안녕하세요 저는 미국 Hampshire College에 다니고 있는 4학년입니다.제가 한글이 너무 서툴러서 영어로쓸게요.


My name is Anthony Ji and I am a senior at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.  I am originally from Diamond Bar, California.  I will be graduating in May and I am planning to attend law school.  I have a very solid GPA and I recently took the LSAT in October, and I received a score of 174 out of 180.  I need to start applying to law schools very soon because it is based on a rolling admission.  But, as of now, I simply do not have the money to apply.  My parents have been struggling for a while, and I certainly do not want to ask them for help.  That is why I am  writing this here, hoping that perhaps someone can help me.  I am not looking for a huge donation.  Any type of donation or even a word of encouragement will help me.  I am hoping to apply to 10 schools and the cost is around $800. Please, help me.  I will truly appreciate it and remember it for the rest of my life. 

예전에도 여기서 대학교 등록금 도내이션을 받았는대 제가 또 도음을 받아야 하는 상황에 왔네요.

저애게 도음을 주시고 싶거나 궁금한개 있으시면 저에게 email 을 해주세요


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