Bird Nest Story
05/04/2020 14:42
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Bird Nest Story



I was suddenly startled.  I was grooming a garden tree in the backyard, and suddenly a bird jumped out of the garden tree.  The mother bird was roaring around the tree, howling fiercely, but something was unpleasant for her.

When I looked closely inside the garden tree, I saw two small white eggs in the nest.   Perhaps the mother had the eggs, but was surprised by my movement and quickly escaped, crying out in a hurry.

I stepped back and allowed the mother to return safely to her nest.  For almost two weeks, when I occasionally looked into the birdhouse, I saw that the mother kept bearing eggs.  I was able to feel the strong motherhood of the mother, which always protects her babies by warmly incubating her eggs with her whole body.

Then one day I saw an empty bird nest, but it remained hollow in this tree.   There were no traces of the hatched eggs, and the nest was very clean and empty.  I also thought about whether the birds would be great again next year, and on the other hand, the hatched young birds couldn't fly properly.     So, I didn't know where the whole family was moving in a hurry because I hindered the hatching.

I regretted my carelessness.  I felt like I was going to be a little more careful.   Although I say that I care for them as much as possible so that they can nest in the garden in spring and allow the birds to hatch naturally, sometimes I unintentionally trim the garden trees and destroy the birds' living environment or make them uncomfortable.

Human beings nowadays feel more and more that they must always face Nature with awe and appreciation.  Moreover, it is even more so when it comes to living with the “taste” of a new world (“The New Normal”) that we have never experienced.

I illustrate in my mind that the mother and baby birds who have left the house fly freely through the blue spring sky in new hope to go somewhere they want.


May 4, 2020


By Solti

Bird, Nest, Story
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Bird Nest Story