Brand Name Products
02/06/2016 14:03
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Brand Name Products


I don’t like brand name products because I know the dark meaning hidden by ‘brand name products.’

When I was a college student, I heard about the term ‘brand name product’ and recognized the meaning of it.  Inherently, I do not like any strictly specified or popular ones, uniform ones or formalized ones.

My family was not rich.  Personally, I liked simple and very cheap ‘street fashion’ personal belongings since I was a kid rather than very expensive brand name items.  I continued to keep that ‘city market fashion’ even when I became a college student.   

When I was a senior high school student, I did not recognize about the existence of brand name products because we were forced to wear uniforms.  As a college student, I knew that my friends were in favor of certain specific brand personal items such as clothes, shoes, watches, hats, and bags according to their own characters and family’s financial situations and that was quite natural.  But, I did not care about that and continued only studying toward my life goal.    

When I came to the States to study from Korea, I got a chance to think about the meaning of ‘brand name product’ again.  My friends around me were usually pretty rich and liked to purchase brand name products and sometimes some of them were very boastful of their belongings.  I felt some emptiness in my mind by my friends behaving like that.  As I remember now, I did not have enough clothes to wear and even I wore a promotional jumper of American cigar manufacturing company showing advertisement of the company.  That jumper was given to me by one of my relatives in Korea when I departed Korea.     

I still remember that I was given an opportunity to work as an assistant of my alma mater in my hometown when I finished my graduate work in Seoul in 1985.  Especially, I did not have any decent jacket for work at school as an assistant during bitterly cold winter time of Korea.  One day, I noticed that faculty and staff of the university around me showed their unpleasant facial expressions toward me when I was in a long waiting line to have a lunch at the school cafeteria.   

The reason was that my two years younger brother who was a university soccer player that time gave me a red colored training jumper as a gift with saying that “Brother, I requested one for you when I ordered my winter training wear this year.”  Because it was a bulk order of training wears to a sportswear store, the price of training wear was very cheap as you can imagine and needless to say it was not a ‘brand name product.”  The major issue was about the color of jumper.  It was a very red one.  I enjoyed wearing that jumper especially during cold winter times almost every day.  Although I could hear some murmurings about my ‘red colored training jumper’ among faulty members and staff when I was in a long lunch waiting line at a school cafeteria, I did not care for it.           

Now, I am teaching at one of the American universities.  I can see many American college students are usually wearing blue jeans, The North Face® jackets, and UGG® boots during winter time in a campus unanimously.  It naturally made me to think about the concept of ‘brand name product’ again.  Is it really worthwhile for us to pay a lot of money to purchase so called a ‘brand name product?’        


I consider people who like to buy brand name products as people of vanity who like to wrap their bodies with money to fill their empty feeling. I am cautiously wondering whether my own view about a brand name product is too extreme.      


October 29, 2011


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Brand Name Products