A Call That Changed My Life
05/21/2020 14:59
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A Call That Changed My Life


“Hello?  This is K.  It is a long time since I met you before somewhere.”


It was a quite pleasant summer evening when I received one call from California in 2005.  That time I was doing grocery shopping and just tried to return to my home after jumping into my car.  The voice from the phone was not that familiar to me but I soon recognized that the person called me was Professor K in California that I met a few times before.  He was teaching at one of the universities in Irvine, California.


Suddenly, he asked me the question of where you are living now.  The reason for asking a question was that he wanted me to serve together for one professional organization.   The headquarters of that organization was in Washington, D.C. area so that's why he made a phone call to me as the president of that organization.


He said that he was moving around his own ‘radar’ in his brain from Washington, D.C. to find a person nearby to serve for that organization and spotted me right away.  So, he was quite happy to find me but, in the beginning, I was hesitant to accept his courteous proposal because I did not know very well about professional service activities and I had almost no prior community service experience.


But anyway, I accepted his proposal because of his consistent request and had a chance to serve with him for that organization.  Later I got a chance to meet him in person to discuss my responsibilities I should take as a first step of serving that professional organization. 


As time goes by, I found that it was quite interesting for me to do diverse professional community services together for the good of people in need.  In the past, I even did not know what real community service is.  What a shame!


By doing diverse community services I met many different groups of people in different environments and really enjoyed my community services with him. 


But I was informed that he was very ill and has been struggling for several years.  I sent an e-mail to him but there was no response.  One day, I received very sad news about his death.  He introduced me to the organization I could serve for and it taught me how to serve people with servant leadership with my best.  He taught me real joy and the meaning of community service.


Sometimes I think over him and really appreciate his love and care for me.  If he did not make a phone call to me that day, I couldn't get a chance to start my community service activities.  And I couldn't feel the true joy of community services in my life journey.  In a sense he changed my life path and its real meaning and taught me life in a more positive way.


It is very nice to serve people with your true heart.  The joy of the service is quite big in our lives, so it is worthwhile to invest your precious time and effort in community service for you and for another people’s happiness.  There is a saying that you can live longer healthily when you enjoy community services.   


I'm trying to continue my services for local, national, and global communities using my talents with my best for people in need.  I want to return what I received from other people in my life until now to other people to make this turbulent world a better place with grace, hope, and peace.  I want to change the world toward a more promising direction little by little.


There is a saying.  ‘Let’s study hard and give the fruit of it to people in need.  (공부해서남주자.)’


By Solti


May 21, 2020

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A Call That Changed My Life