The New Normal Age
04/08/2020 14:25
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The New Normal Age


By Solti

April 8, 2020


Various thoughts come to mind while living in the unexpected “new age of daily life.”  I would like to share what I have felt in my own way as follows with you as 12 summarized items:


1. Thanks for Everyday

In the meantime, we have not been able to express or appreciate our everyday life.


2. Respect Nature's Order

I think the negative consequences of neglecting nature conservation will be stronger in the future.


3. New Awareness of Each Position

Each of us came to recognize a new sense of social responsibility and a sense of responsibility for our job.


4. Endless Greed of the Human Being

Man's greed is endless, but we must be deeply concerned, especially when we see most leaders of the world who are politically or financially ‘too’ ambitious.


5. Family Importance and Happiness

It made me think again about the importance of the family and reminded me of what is true happiness in our lives.


6. The Finding of Dynamics of Love

In the global emergency, we learned more specifically about what human love is, how to express it, how to thank it, and how to do it.


7. Expanding the Scope of Healthcare

Basically, the thoroughness of personal health management, as well as widening the scope to communities, countries, continents, and the world, which requires good health management, that is, the importance of efficient international public health management has grown.


8. Transforming Awareness of Globalization

The definition of globalization, the direction, scope, and all related items that have been in progress around the world should be reexamined.  The flexibility to adjust the concept of globalization as necessary and the formation of an international consensus about a new ‘globalization’ swiftly has become more urgent.


9. Reorganization of the International Medical System

In order to minimize differences in different medical systems, cultures, and practices around the world, it is necessary to complement the WHO's functions or to construct an efficient new international medical assistance system network that strengthens cooperation between countries when necessary.


10. Religion and Faith

It is time to innovate and reflect on the problems of religion and faith that has been passed down through human history for thousands of years.


11. Education Innovation

The educational environment rapidly changed based on the Internet-based virtual space to online, and it became necessary to re-establish the teaching and learning systems.


12. Need to Re-examine the Social Infrastructure

In case of emergency, it is necessary to re-examine various virtual social infrastructures such as systems and laws, as well as numerous physical and social infrastructures such as global roads, airports, and seaports, etc. It will take a lot of strenuous global effort.


The power of the invisible virus was unimaginably strong. We should take this opportunity to make a breakthrough in the awareness of the Earth, which is one big life that we live in.  As some experts say, we have seen that the flow of human history can be largely divided into Before Coronavirus (BC) and After Coronavirus (AC).  Experiencing COVID-19, I learned that it was so harsh that it would be hard to bear the price when it was against ‘the Nature.’  I hope that we be able to overcome all these difficulties successfully.

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The New Normal Age