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While my Guitar Gently Weeps -죠지 해리슨
12/29/2019 21:08
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시간이라는 이 불길한 적수를 속이려고 이리 저리 많은 방도를 준비하였음에도 

어김없이 찿아오는 시간입니다. 잠시 잊고 있었던 우리는 갑자기라는 변명과 함께 

가까운 사람을 영영 떠나 보내고, 잊지 않겠다던 그리운 사람을 잊습니다

갑자기오는것들이 모두 나쁜것만은 아니어서 사랑도 갑자기 오고

먼데 잊었던 친구의 소식도 갑자기 옵니다

일상에서 친숙하여져 잊고있던 차향도 갑자기 생각나는 때입니다.

한 해를 보내면서 안 읽고 밀어둔 책처럼 쌓이는 후회를 생각하며 

후회가 없는 삶은 얼마나 단조로울까 하는 핑계를 찿습니다**

While my guitar gently weeps  1968 Beatles George Harrison 의 곡입니다

이 곡은 멜로디가 아니라 가사로 시작된 곡인데 George Harrison 이 

역경(주역)에서 받은 영감에서 이루어 졌다고 합니다. 

제가 좋아하는 Santana 가 나름의 해석을 가미한 영상을 올립니다. 

영상의 여인과 가사처럼

좌절과 역경속에서도 늘 조금씩이라도 더 높은 곳으로 찿아가는 한 해가 되기를 바랍니다.     

   While My Guitar Gently Weeps -Beatles Goerge Harrison

I look at you all, see the love there that's sleeping

While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don't know why nobody told you
How to unfold your love
I don't know how someone controlled you
They bought and sold you

I look at the world and I notice it's turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don't know how you were diverted
You were perverted too
I don't know how you were inverted
No one alerted you

I look at you all, see the love there that's sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
Look at you all
Still my guitar gently weeps

신년 운수를 주역으로 푸는 분들도 있어 이 노래가 생각났는가 합니다

후회가 없는 삶은 얼마나 무미건조한가 하는 생각에 꼭 맞는 영화 대사가 있어 사족으로 붙입니다.

* 2013년 영화 Grandmaster 에서

Gong Er : This opera of mine, applauded or not, will play on to the end. I asked you here to bring  things to a close and say what needs to be said.

Ip Man : Are you going somewhere? 

Gong Er : We have a saying in the North - a tiger never quits the mountain. We've both been living on foreign soil. I'm so very tired. I want to go home. But I wanted to return this to you first. As for the 64 Hands, I've already forgotten them. I was lucky to meet you in my prime. Sadly, my time is running out. To say there are no regrets in life, is just to fool yourself. How boring it would be without regrets. Mr. Ip, to tell you the truth, I cared about you. I don't mind telling you that. It's not a crime to love. But that's all it can ever be. I never said that to anyone before. Seeing you tonight, I don't know why, it just came out. Let's say we suspend this game of chess between us. Take care. 

Ip Man : In life, as in chess, a move once made stays on the board.

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